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Tue 26 Jun 2012 01:03 PM

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Marvel lends name to City of Arabia theme park

Creator of X-Men and Avengers puts name to 350,000 sq ft project, set for completion in 2013

Marvel lends name to City of Arabia theme park
The 350,000 sq ft Marvel Adventure project will feature retail outlets, dining facilities and interactive entertainment.

Marvel Entertainment, the creator of popular comic book heroes X-Men and The Avengers, has announced it is to lend its name an indoor theme park at Dubai’s City of Arabia development.

The 350,000 sq ft Marvel Adventure project, being developed by Ilyas and Mustafa Galadari Group (IMG), will feature retail outlets, dining facilities and interactive entertainment. 

IMG says the project, which is part of a larger 1.2m sq ft entertainment destination at City of Arabia, will open in late 2013. The firm says the attraction will bring in up to 10,000 visitors per day.

"This will be one part of the region’s largest temperature controlled entertainment destinations that IMG is developing which is sure to be a strategic landmark in Dubai, appealing to the region as well as other parts of the world,” said Ilyas Galadari and Mustafa Galadari, of IMG Group, in a statement.

The announcement of the Marvel theme park comes on the back of The Avengers movie's storming performance at the box office, where it raked in more than AED22.5m in the UAE alone, becoming the third-highest grossing film ever in the country.

IMG has not revealed the cost of the development, but in May lenders Al Hilal Bank and Mashreq said they had closed a shari’ah fund facility to help finance the at-the-time unnamed theme park in the Gulf emirate.

The US$5bn City of Arabia project, which will become home for 40,000 people, will be a self-contained urban community, with business and administrative offices, schools and clinics, supported by luxury apartments, shops, galleries, restaurants and attractions.

Originally launched in 2005, it was slated to be completed by 2010 but was put on hold when the impact of the global economic crisis hit Dubai's real estate and construction industries.

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Anonymous 7 years ago

Great news! Finally an actual theme park with a name (Marvel) behind it....sorry Aldar, your attempt is more of a museum, not a true theme park with rides and entertainment.

procan 7 years ago

Thank you.... The North American people and there culture appreciate the UAE and there love of most things Western. I am sure Indian and African communities will enjoy the proximity of the Dubai location. Happy Capitalism!

richard 7 years ago

Marvelous indeed. The endorsement of a comic book will make little difference to what surely will be another failed vision of Dubai. A city for 40,000 with thousands of empty homes already languishing in the heat? This project needs a healthy dose of luck.

kaz 7 years ago

I think this is brilliant - Dubai needs a theme park - (perhaps not a shopping mall or 100's of new homes and offices) - but a theme park is definately missing in the UAE. Well done!

Original Joe 7 years ago

The original City of Arabia plan will not materialize, this is true, but this is also good. A Marvel backed theme park will surely be more successful than a dinasour theme park. Your pessimism is unwarranted. Yes, there will be hits and misses throughout Dubai's property market but as Dubai continues to grow and expand projects like the Marvel theme park will surely be a benefit to the economy creating another reason for tourists to visit Dubai which then has a knock on effect on the overall economy.

Jason 7 years ago

so let me get this right.
The City of Arabia project which started in 2005, and which was due to finish in 2010 never happened because guess what, the global crisis got in the way.

It is still not finished, nowhere near so and nothing in the article on that at all.

Instead, we get an announcement that a Captain Marvel theme park will be completed at the end of 2013 and let us hope people dont remember the bigger project.

Nothing changes huh.

Tiago 7 years ago

For the moment we see more misses than hits. And no them park will change anything to the lack of trust in Dubai RE market. You can get as many anouncements as you want. only facts count. And the only fact investors are looking for.... implemantation of laws on everybody in a fair way. RERA has a big deal of responsibility and if they dont act this market will see a second crisis that will hit harder the developers, banks and general business. I said this back in 2008 about the first crisis. It was possible to reduce the impact significantly but all developers and RERA choose to play the "Time" and the "general amnesia". It didn't work then and will not work now.

Doug 7 years ago

I may be wrong, but I'm fairly sure that as far back as 2007-8, Marvel had announced it had some sort of deal for a theme park. In fact, a quick check on Wikipedia for "Marvel Superheroes Theme Park" shows that this deal was signed with the Al Ahli Group and was supposed to be open by now. I wonder what happened to the original theme park? Perhaps a journalist could find out? While they're at it, they could also look at what's happened to:

Universal Studios
Restless Planet
Six Flags
Busch Gardens

I'm sorry but no property investor on earth can possibly have any faith in the Dubailand project. City of Arabia is in exactly the same state it was in 5 years ago and that was one where construction had started. The only business Dubailand has ever created is for those people who make little models of property developments.

Someone really needs to start asking how on earth all these theme parks will magically appear in 12 months.

7asan 7 years ago

your absolutely right about that ,but all this parks are not gona be completed by the end of 2012 .

Dubai definitely showed as that impossibles comes true we all hope" Marvel theme park" i s gona be in our weekends leisure list

Bernard Madoff 7 years ago

I must say I greatly admire the business acumen of the Ilyas and Mustafa Galadari Group. Just look at their track record on the City of Arabia project. Not only did they escape any comeback from its epic failure, they are now able to promise delivery of a massive new project within 18 months and get many people to believe their forecasts.

I wish I could get these guys on my team!