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Mon 19 Jan 2015 12:24 PM

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Mayweather offered $5.4m gym if he defeats Amir Khan

UAE owner makes offer to undefeated US champion boxer

Mayweather offered $5.4m gym if he defeats Amir Khan

A UAE owner and CEO of a $5.4 million gym in Dubai has offered to give it to Floyd Mayweather if the American boxer can defeat Amir Khan.

Eisa Aldah, the founder and CEO of EMD Fitness in Jumeirah, announced the offer to put the gym up as a prize for the undefeated world champion in five-divisions should he fight and defeat British boxer Amir Khan.

“I want to announce something… maybe it will be a surprise for Amir… I offer Floyd Mayweather my gym, which costs AED20 million, if he fights and wins against Amir Khan,” Aldah said during a media event at this gym.

Mayweather, 37, widely considered to be the best boxer of all time, is reportedly being lined up to fight Manny Pacquiao in a $200 million welterweight showdown in Las Vegas.

However, Khan is hopeful of lining up his own money-spinning bout with the American champion, with Aldah confident that the ‘Arabian Warrior’ can win, should the bout come to pass.

“I built this gym and I love it. But he [Mayweather] cannot beat Amir. I know he cannot beat Amir. He cannot beat the speed of Amir,” he told 7days newspaper.

“I told everybody this and they told me, ‘Eisa, no, he [Amir] cannot handle Floyd’. But I say, Amir is the first person who can beat Floyd.

“From all the challenges, from all the fighters in the world, only Amir can beat Floyd. He is really dedicated and can show the people he’s a true champion,” he added.

Olympic silver medallist Khan, 28, is currently holidaying in Dubai after American Devon Alexander in Las Vegas last month.

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BBB 4 years ago

Amir Khan with a soft glass jaw? Khan beat Alexander and all of a sudden he's the only one can beat Floyd? Please have Khan Fight Bradley or Brook then talk or at least get a rematch with Danny Garcia. Alexander is a bum a C class fighter at best. He quit on Bradley. Danny Garcia destroyed Khan.

thotieboy 4 years ago

You cant lure Mayweather into a fight even if you bet your precious life just for Khan.

turk971 4 years ago

If he did not take up the $120M prize from the UAE group to fight Pacquiao, what makes you think he will take your $5.4M to fight Amir. Oops sorry, he's scared of Pacquiao but not Amir. He might just take your offer.

Omi 4 years ago

Garcia destroyed Khan? Khan dominated Garcia in the early rounds. Garcia got lucky with a punch late in the third round. Did you even watch the bout?

kingkaiser 4 years ago

No niggles with anything else, and think this would be a great fight, but how exactly is Amir Khan an "Arabian Warrior"?

PPM 4 years ago

Is Jumeirah a Free-Zone now or has Amir Khan picked up an Emirati passport along the way?

Otherwise, my first thought would be how, under existing laws , could he own the gym even if he won it?