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Wed 7 Mar 2012 11:59 AM

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Middle East retailers prepare for iPad 3 unveiling

UAE retailer says it expects demand for new tablet device to outstrip supply

Middle East retailers prepare for iPad 3 unveiling
Previous iterations of the iPad have been wildly popular. (Getty Images)

Electronics retailers in the Middle East are preparing for the launch of Apple’s iPad 3 device, which is set to be unveiled in the US today.

The technology powerhouse’s previous iteration of the tablet computer, which was released in March 2011, is said to haves shipped millions of units worldwide.

No specifications of the new device have yet been confirmed, but fervent speculation suggests the iPad 3 will feature a higher resolution camera, a faster processor and super-fast LTE connectivity.

One UAE-based electronics outlet, Jacky’s, says that it is anticipating massive consumer demand for the iPad 3 when it goes on sales.

“Despite the difficult economy in the past two years, customers were willing to pay a premium for [the] iPad,” COO Ashish Panjabi wrote in a comment emailed to Arabian Business.  

Panjabi said he expected that Apple and its supply chain will find it difficult to manufacture enough devices to fulfil demand.

“In our experience, during the initial launch of iPad and iPad 2, these products were sold out nearly as soon as they reached our outlets, and we expect that the iPad 3 will be in the same scenario,” he added.

“It has always been a case of demand outstripping supply as far as iPads [are concerned], whereas most of Apple's competitors have been struggling to create enough demand for their tablets.”

In the run-up to the iPad 3’s announcement, media reports have suggested that Apple may slash the price of the existing iPad 2 models, which start at US$499.

The company's other products include the iPhone smartphone and the iPod personal music player.

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Mick 7 years ago

More of Apple's continuation of planned obsolescence for the Apple zombies that HAVE to have the latest. The world's landfills are full of perfectly fine hardware that doesn't need to be there. Apple make the screws in the back so that the gadgets cannot be tampered with or upgraded. It's become a dangerous trend to have the latest Apple fashion accessory or status symbol. Unnecessary and irresponsible on Apple's part. I like Apple products and their OS but I, purposely, avoid them because of their relentless proprietary nature and greed. How many of you own Apple products that could, easily, last 3-4 years (or more) without substituting for the latest that may be a little bit faster (that could be altered in your existing device)? Many manufacturers do this but Apple leads the way in this nonsense. In a way, its just as much a monopoly as Microsoft.

Expat123 7 years ago

Thats the most ridiculous rant I have ever heard. How can you blame Apple for trying to make a profit. The entire point of running a business is to make a profit and in the process employ people. Apple makes a lot of money, employs tens of thousands and gives an incredible amount back to the community. Your Marxist perspective on private business is laughable. It's really simple actually, if you dont want to upgrade to the latest iPhone.. then dont! The consumer has a choice to upgrade or keep the status quo and here you are blaming Apple. Additionally, please research the business definition of a monopoly because Apple doesnt display any of these characteristics. Comparing them to Microsoft is insane, get a clue.

Mick 7 years ago

dude....look up planned obsolescence....Apple is the big daddy when it comes to "buy our stuff, throw it out, buy our latest, throw it out, repeat". It's a cheap way to make a profit. Apple is most certainly a form of monopoly. To lock the consumer into a brand, whether it's from weak-minded servitude or proprietary technology.

Expat123 7 years ago

Mick, so what are you saying, develop technology and then give it away? Technology is what gives Apple an edge over its comptetion. They spend the money, they do the research and development so of course the tech is going to be propietary! Saying that all Apple consumers are "weak minded" is a bold statement. Cant someone simply enjoy a product? If one can afford to upgrade annually, whats wrong with that if its what they want? Your entire arguement is baseless.

Rafi 7 years ago

Let's not blame Apple, let's blame the media who publish an upgrade to a tablet as the front page news. By the way, if we introspect, most of us really don't buy it for technology. It's just a fashion statement. Apple products are not cutting edge anymore, and definitely not at those price points. It's more like I 'have' an iphone. I get the same functionality at 1/3 price from samsung.

Sat 7 years ago

Apple is the front runner. It is worth the price.I am a disappointed Samsung tablet holder. The net reviews forced me to buy a Samsung

Bemused 7 years ago

"Forced" you to buy? That's a bit strong unless there were a couple of thugs on each side of you as you reached for your credit card. But, if it was really your own decision then it is all on you. Maybe you meant "persuaded".

mr Pear 7 years ago

Pretty much the same upgrade as Iphone 4 to 4s - nothing really in new ipad to change / upgrade for, unless you have a Ipad 1...the products are good but really you need to fit into a 2yr cycle of updating not 1 year as technology hasnt changed enough - OF COURSE there will be the "appleheads" who will stop at nothing to get the next product but I can see that reducing more and more as each product hits the market and even they realise there is no change benefit

gordon 7 years ago

How about 4G lte

Bemused 7 years ago

4G is not available here and won't be for some time. I don't know if it is even really available on a practical level anywhere but in the USA. That makes the 4G feature irrelevant unless one is spending a a lot of time in the USA and is paying a US carrier for the 4G data package.