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Sun 11 Aug 2013 10:18 AM

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Middle East's first supperclub reviewed

Amsterdam’s globally acclaimed dining franchise opens its first branch in the region.  Does it live up to its reputation?

Middle East's first supperclub reviewed

Expectations were high when we went to scope out the newly opened supperclub venue at the Jumeirah Zabeel Saray beachside resort on Palm Jumeirah. And blown away we were: Amsterdam’s globally acclaimed franchise is something Dubai has been fiercely craving.

Not only does the first Middle Eastern location deliver the exquisite and unique experience that international superclubs are known for, it does so magnanimously.

Dubai’s version is the second-largest supperclub in the world after LA. Its dramatic two-floor design creates six key dining and entertainment areas: the main lower level dining area, fittingly titled Salle Neige; the exclusive and lavish private room, Salle d’Or; two chef’s tables overlooking the state-of-the-art open kitchen; an al fresco terrace; bar Rouge; and Balcony Noir on the upper levels of the venue overlooking sweeping ocean views and cityscape framed by two floor to ceiling arch windows.

As Bert Van der Leden, the brain behind the supperclub franchise, so eloquently put it, “When supperclub was launched 20 years ago in the creative capital of Amsterdam, we wanted to create a meeting ground that met the needs of prolific musicians, writers, and artists. supperclub Dubai will become the benchmark in iconic music, bringing the best of art, music, and the gracious hospitality synonymous with the city of Dubai, to one stunning destination.”

Visiting in Ramadan, we weren’t able to witness the live musicians and artistic performances that will become a centrepiece of the venue, but that did little to dampen the experience. Every staff member was gracious, welcoming, eagerly helpful and thoroughly knowledgeable in their field of expertise.

Head Chef Dominic Robinson offered up an eclectic European fusion cuisine with an array of experimental dishes that would surely satisfy the palate of the most discerning food connoisseur. The fine dining experience was served with a creative twist as we lounged in huge white-on-white leather sofas.

We started off with a brilliant combination of oysters and passion fruit ($11), an exquisite Burrata cheese with honey and truffle ($27) and – Charisma’s recommendation - a tantalising tuna tartar with curry ($22), all served in perfect portions.  

The highlights of the main course were the roast turbot with sweet corn gnocchi ($68) and rack of lamb ($55) that practically melted in our mouths. But the most important course of all is desert and I would name the peanut butter nougat parfait ($14) and the fresh mango parfait with mango salad ($19) as two must tries.

Total price tag for three: $286 for three guests, and absolutely well worth it. supperclub Dubai does not fall short in any aspect. Fine dining is not sacrificed in the name of being trendy. The quality of the food and its presentation was right on the mark and the interior design and ambience were spectacular. Now that the holy month of Ramadan is has come to an end, the entertainment acts and live performances will commence and I predict supperclub will be packed with one of Dubai’s most vibrant crowds.

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sheikha 6 years ago

now let me tell you the real truth about this place. Hands down the worst service and the worst meal I have EVER had.

Amna 6 years ago

We went to Supperclub when they just opened and our group of people really enjoyed it. The food, the entertainment, the ambiance - everything was perfect. Maybe you picked the wrong night or the wrong company. After all, it all depends on your own mood if a night will be awesome or a disaster.

Brock 6 years ago

In lieu of this article perhaps yes the supperclub must've been biased in providing the best dishes and service in order to attain a good review. As you know such new openings are always generated by good reviews.

However as Amna stated above, perhaps you had gone on a wrong night? Perhaps you had attended a few days during their first launch? Also perhaps during Ramadan? As such you may not experienced top quality service. How about giving it another go?

I have always wanted to visit the one in Amsterdam and now that it is opened next door, I will surely make it a point to visit it. I am hoping for more positive reviews on this place at a later time.

Sol 6 years ago

Beautiful design, great service, but bad location (too far) and mediocre food. All in all not worth the effort to get there. Just my 2 cents..

Rootless 6 years ago

This is not a review - it is a risibly overwrought puff piece constructed from press releases, marketing blather and quotes from the owner. There is absolutely no critical analysis or useful objective observation whatsoever. After reading this I have no idea whether this venue is truly worth visiting and I am not inclined to risk $300 to find out based on this wholly unreliable testimony.

And if the writer wants to use obscure and flowery words, please try to ensure they are properly deployed: "it does so magnanimously". At least that gave me a good belly laugh!

Sarah K 6 years ago

The review says that the meal came to $300 for three; given the prices given for the items detailed, that just doesn't add up. Total up the prices and you come to about $220 and as just the highlights from the mains and desserts were mentioned, I am guessing there were additional dishes that was served up to the unlucky third diner that hit the $60 mark. So just the food comes to $100 each. A few drinks, service and water etc will raise that estimate considerably. Given it is a licensed spot and most people will be going there to spend the evening, it would be more useful to get a realistic idea of what one can expect to pay per person. Sloppy and misleading journalism.

Am amazed the reviewer was 'blown away' by the 'magnanimous' (an inappropriate use of the word) venue even though a fair portion of it isn't yet open and there was no entertainment.

I'm certainly not knocking the venue which I hope to go to- hence this search for opinion; just the amateurish, puff piece review.