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Sun 8 Dec 2013 10:47 AM

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Mixing of sexes in the workplace is "immoral"- Grand Mufti

Saudi cleric said those advocating interaction between of men and women want to spread decadent behaviour among Muslims

Mixing of sexes in the workplace is "immoral"- Grand Mufti
Saudis Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz al-Sheikh. (AFP/Getty Images)

Saudi's top cleric, Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdulaziz Al Alsheikh has hit out at those advocating the interaction of men and women in the workplace and has accused them of wanting decadence and immoral behaviour to spread among Muslims, it was reported.

Giving his Friday sermon at Imam Turki Bin Abdullah Mosque in Riyadh, he said such mixing poses a great danger to society and women in particular, the Saudi Gazette reported.

The Grand Mufti also stressed the importance of not taking divorce lightly, warning men against making “hastened decisions” on issues concerning their family life, the newspaper said.

He said that women could lead their husbands to divorcing them when they did not adhere to rules of modesty. He said men must help their wives, protect their rights and be patient with them.

“Islam has taught men not to focus on their wives’ follies and to forgive their mistakes. They must look at their wives’ virtues and positive attitudes,” he was quoted as saying.

Al Alsheikh reminded men with more than one wife of the importance of being just and fair with all of them.

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mumeen 6 years ago

This is a courageous expression of the truth. Allah SWT sent human beings to earth NOT for unsatiable economic prosperity, but for PEACE and happiness in family life and also simplicity and humility. Men should work for the maintnance of the family of parents, wife and children in addition to charity. We are now proceeding towards the decadant life of the West by sending our women folk to work and leave husband and children on maids and other women. Immoral and this was not the purpose of having a family life.

who you fooling 6 years ago

Neither was having maids, where where maids mentioned in family life! Especially when the majority are exploited.

turk 6 years ago

I believe you should not judge other people for their actions but to let them answer to their creator by themselves for their actions as I am sure the creator is all knowing on which is moral or immoral. If you are able to provide for your family for everything, then yes it is advisable and ideal to let the wife stay at home and take care of the you and the kids only. But when you as a sole provider could not meet all the expenses for your family to leave a decent life, then I am sure the creator will understand why you have to do what you have done. By the way, my wife stays at home only to take care of me and my kids. However, if I cannot provide them decent life with my income alone, then by all means I will allow my wife to work and I will not be ashamed of it.

Raj 6 years ago

"...accusing them of wanting....immoral behaviour to spread among Muslims". Just one look at what´s happening in for example Syria and Iraq makes clear that immoral behaviour has already spread among Muslims long time ago.

SAM 6 years ago

It is quite sad that at this day and age, people attach no value to the life of others. To be truly alive, one must have certain freedoms, one of which is the freedom of choice. Without choice you can not make decisions and without this ability, you are living someone else's life. You may have your way of viewing life, but others have a different view of it. Making your choice and learning to respect and accept the choices of others is what makes this life worthwhile. Just a friendly advice, try and consider the point of view of others, because forcing your view achieves nothing but alienation and suffering.

Brock 6 years ago

"Men should work for the maintenance of the family of parents, wife and children in addition to charity." - I agree! However, given the circumstances today, a Husband alone cannot take care of the entire household due to ever increasing rent, cost of goods, tuition fees, etc.. the list is endless. Not many are privileged with a high income job or graced to run a family-owned business.
And so, Women in the workforce are NOT immoral in fact they are greatly honored and appreciated as they bring their own perspectives and skills to the table.

Jenna Al-Ansari 6 years ago

Arab women seeking freedom will never achieve it until we recognize that men in our society exist in a different prison than our own. Theirs is larger, they have room to roam and breathe. But should we commit a crime, they fear that they will be punished with us. To them the stakes are so high that we are no longer people, we are an unruly extra limb - a third hand. If the third hand steals an apple, it must be destroyed, cauterized, or the rest of the body will be infected.

And so they cut us, they cover us, they hide us. They push us into our homes, and hide us away from 'temptation'. The stakes are too high. The limb must be watched, controlled, for the sake of the body. We are no longer people. We are simply a liability. We are dehumanised, and they are all too human in their fear.

It is not fair, for any of us. I hope we will join together and seek equality for men and women - freedom from persecution for all of us.

Hendrik Voges 6 years ago

Is not the the same person or people who recently said that driving by women will hurt or injure their internal female reproductive organs? Not sure now?

Mohammad Shakeel Ahmed 6 years ago

Assalam Alaikum,
I do agree with Grand Mufti on certain aspects. But the issue of mixing of sexes at workplace has to be reviewed again. When we talk of Saudization and employment opportunities, the work culture surely has the priority. It involves working of employees together in a team spirit for the smooth running of companies operations. The women if not getting involved collectively with their male compatriots cannot get the job done effectively. If they are left to sit in isolated chambers they will be left to do nothing and cannot become a part of companies operations. In short getting paid for doing nothing.

Phil 6 years ago

Funny enouph, I have to agree with this Mufti. I am a western expat working in Media and we have lots of female in here. They are literraly coming to work to show off their mini-clotches, makeup and explore relationships. The male mind is dominated by the attraction of woman especially half naked ones running around the coffee machine trying deseparetly to attracct their male conterpart. It is truly distracting!