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Tue 5 Aug 2014 03:01 PM

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Nepalese maid beheaded in Saudi over toddler death

Maid had complained to police about her employer before being accused of killing their 2yr old son

Nepalese maid beheaded in Saudi over toddler death
(Getty Images - Photo for illustrative purpose only)

A Nepalese housemaid was beheaded on Monday after being convicted of killing her employer’s two-year-old child, Saudi state media has reported.

Shobah Bareer was accused of using a knife to slit the throat of Osama Maeedh Al Eneizi, 2, in a bathroom two years ago, Saudi Press Agency said.

According to local reports, the maid had worked for the family for a year when she complained to police that she was being mistreated.

Police negotiated for the maid to continue working with the family for two months before she would be returned home.

It was claimed that during those two months, Bareer locked the child in the bathroom and slit his throat.

She failed to escape through the bathroom window.

She reportedly confessed to killing the child.

Her death sentence had been ratified by the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court, SPA said.

In a statement, the Ministry of Interior said it “maintains security, brings justice, and implements the verdicts of Shariah on anyone who kills innocent people”.

Rape, murder, apostasy, armed robbery and drug trafficking are all punishable by death under Islamic Shariah law.

Saudi authorities executed 70 people last year, according to AFP, with the majority being beheaded in public.

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Abdullah Al Khatib 5 years ago

Another poor innocent maid RIP...

M3A1 5 years ago

What about the innocent baby??

Sami 5 years ago

Its does not bring the baby back by magic! Where is the justice system, the trial?

Anil Mishra 5 years ago

poor innocent maid, how come? grow up! If it were our own child, we would realize and agree with the punishment. It may not bring back the baby but it will make sure another will not go the drain the same way, by eliminating the threat. Justice has been delivered. Unlike the Western countries where perpetrators and aggressors are sympathized and victims more victimized, crimes add on, but Islamic countries are swift in delivering justice and eye for an eye, that is the reason crimes committed in one night in NY is not equal to crimes committed in an year say for eg. UAE.

Doug 5 years ago

She confessed and the conviction was ratified by the Court of Appeals.

Mark Renton 5 years ago

@Anil, have you got a source for your claim that there is more crime in New York in one night than the whole of the UAE for a year? A quick scan of the papers will tell you there is quite a lot of crime in the UAE, including rape, murder, drug abuse etc, which does not seem to be stopped by *ahem* "swift" justice.

As for the punishment being appropriate, that assumes she is actually guilty. I would attach very little weight to a confession in Saudi Arabia (it's amazing how many people confess to serious crimes, despite knowing that doing so will result in a long prison spell or even a death sentence). There is also the possibility that the maid was mentally ill. I also cannot understand why the maid was persuaded to go back and work for the employer after filing a complaint against them - whether the complaint was valid or false either way there can be no good reason for her returning to work with the same family.

PPM 5 years ago

Try adding in all the "crimes" committed here that don't get to be reported. All the mass of laws that parts of the community think don't apply to them: every, single delay in paying a salary for a month, every single case of illegal retention of passport, every single case of illegal contract substitution ("Human Trafficking offenses elsewhere).
Sorry Anil, I imagine the actual level of crimes committed here is pretty similar to the New York figures even if the reported figures here are much lower.

WHJ 5 years ago

@Mark. What's so amazing about people confessing to serious crimes? There's a very long list of criminals in Europe and the US who have confessed to various crimes especially murder. May be you should watch the Crime and Investigation channel more often.
Even if there were no reason for the maid to return to work, murder should never be an option. You come across as if you're justifying her actions and trying to turn the perpetrator into a victim.

Mark Renton 5 years ago

@WHJ - a few *minor* differences here:

- in the west a confession is often used as a plea-deal to save a long and expensive jury trial. The criminal pleads guilty in return for a lesser sentence (e.g avoiding the death penalty). In KSA a confession does the opposite and seals your fate.
- in the west you can be reasonably confident that the process is transparent and the criminal has had a proper legal defence, paid for by the state if necessary. Very different to KSA.
- when deciding how much weight to give a confession in Saudi Arabia, you may want to look at the case of the "alcohol bootleggers" in 2001 who famously (after weeks of interrogation and no access to legal or consular assistance)confessed to bombings that were actually carried out by militants. When the bombings didn't stop, another three "bootleggers" underwent the same treatment and amazingly also confessed, despite effectively condemning themselves to death. Mysteriously, all were eventually granted clemency.....

tfg 5 years ago

@ Mark.

Confession does not seal your fate. Your fate is decided by next of kin, who can either forgive or punish.

Your mentality does not come across as a parent, but lets suppose someone murdered your child, would you forgive or punish?