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Thu 9 May 2013 09:40 AM

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New BlackBerry Q10 reviewed

Long-awaited upgrade from Canadian phone maker is put to the test

New BlackBerry Q10 reviewed

The transition from the Bold 9900 to the long awaited Q10 needed quite a bit of adjustment, but since I haven’t been able to stop exploring the phone from the moment I unraveled it, I would say that I will be adapting to it fairly quickly.

The upgrade is an exciting one, with many added features and advantages. First thing I noticed was the weight. The Q10 feels significantly lighter and the carbon fiber back is modern, sleek and extremely durable.

To move from a BlackBerry 7.0 to BlackBerry 10 was at first a big change, yet surprisingly user friendly. My favorite feature so far is the multiple window option, where you can open countless different applications on the same page at the same time and flip through them with ease. This is really when you notice the power of the 1.5GHz dual core processor, which was an upgrade initially introduced in the Z10 model.

Up to four windows can be viewed simultaneously on the same screen; however, if you want to see every single activity on one page, there is an option to do that as well.

“The Hub” is a new feature that centralises every single application on your smart phone. You can instantaneously access everything from your text messages, calls, emails to even Twitter and Facebook. Not having to open each application separately saves you time and effort, while keeping you continuously up to date.

The Q10 is also the first BlackBerry to have Skype. And if Skype isn’t enough, there is now a new “BBM Video” chat feature. Unfortunately, it is currently barred in the UAE because a monitoring system has not yet been put in place.

An 8 megapixel camera, as opposed to the 5 of the previous BlackBerry bold, has been installed, which is an upgrade that BlackBerry desperately needed.

The most noticeable advantage is that it comes with a touch screen as well as a keyboard for QWERTY lovers. The touch screen is 8 cm in size (diagonally), with a clear picture quality of 720 x 720 pixels.

From a Business point of view; however, there is a slight downside. BIS, which is the system used to save emails on the server, previously saved your messages for 30 days after they have been viewed.

Now, once you have opened a message on Outlook, BIS automatically deletes it from your phone in less than a day. This is a flaw that BlackBerry needs to quickly find a solution for because it seems to have left many users frustrated.

BlackBerry has always been well known for being a business phone, but it is certainly catching up with its competitors and getting the attention of social users. According to the latest company reports, 55 percent of the people who bought a Z10 were not previous BlackBerry users, but instead switched over from an Android, iOS or Windows phone.

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RAH 6 years ago

"According to the latest company reports, 55 percent of the people who bought a Z10 were not previous BlackBerry users, but instead switched over from an Android, iOS or Windows phone."

Care to share your references for me to look at the source and its authenticity?

I hardly doubt Blackberry is making an impact signifcantly enough to grab existing smartphone users to it. If anything, the 55% are probably people like you: upgrading from one old BB model to a new one.

RIM has been loosing market share lately due to poor service and inconsistent BBM server up/downtime. To say 55% of purchasers came from other smartphone competing models make me wonder what source you grabbed that from and your reluctance to mention your source from the onset.

Yasch Van Horne 6 years ago

That 55% figure comes from CEO Thorsten Heins when the Q4/13 financials were delivered. See Financial Post link below, or just google "Thorsten Heins BlackBerry 55%" & you'll get all the confirmation you want.

Hisham 6 years ago

Well, if the CEO of BlackBerry said it, then surely we should not doubt it! He's the same guy who recently claimed the iPad will disappear soon by the way. In some countries they refer to this behavior by comparing it with a certain bird species that buries it's head in the sand...
From a tech company point of view BlackBerry is in the worst place any tech company could find itself in: the land of the living dead.

Barahraz 6 years ago

"Berry" nice article; I'm sure blackberry had to step up their game with this phone so it can at least be compared to its competition.

7amback 6 years ago

As a Canadian, I felt proud as the world was taken over by the Blackberry craze..too bad RIM couldn't get with the times and were over taken by the much funkier smart phones. The Q10 is probably RIMs last and most critical attempt at regaining respectable market share. Do or die basically..and the outlook is grim..