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Thu 5 Sep 2013 01:56 PM

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New delay for Doha’s Hamad International Airport

Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker says long awaited hub will open “early next year”

New delay for Doha’s Hamad International Airport

The launch of the long-awaited Hamad International Airport, the planned $15.5bn hub for Qatar Airways, has been delayed yet again.

The airport was originally supposed to open three years ago, but has missed a series of launch dates, including April 1 this year.

After missing that target, due to the fact that the project had missed newly introduced safety requirements, the airport’s launch was pushed back to the end of 2013.

However, Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker announced in a press conference in China on Wednesday that Hamad International Airport would now begin operating early next year, according to the Peninsula newspaper.

No further reasons as to the further delay or a specific launch date were given. An official from Qatar Airways was not immediately available for comment.

The slow completion of the airport has led to a series of fractious comments from Al Baker as to the performance of the on-site contractors.

After the April delay, the CEO blamed US contractor Bechtel, saying that the firm had been “complacent” in meeting regulatory requirements laid down by the airline and the Qatar Civil Aviation Authority.

In December last year, Qatar Airways said it would file a $600m legal claim against German-Emirati joint-venture contractor Lindner Depa Interiors (LDI) for allegedly delaying HIA by up to a year.

The Gulf carrier said in a statement that LDI had undertaken to complete the construction of 19 airport lounges by the summer of 2012 in a contract worth over $250m, but failed to complete the project on time.

Qatar Airways, set to be the airport operator, claimed LDI had "badly defaulted" with the delayed airport opening seriously affecting the airline’s expansion plans, causing huge revenue losses, increased construction costs and delay penalties, and more importantly, inconveniencing passengers.

At the time, LDI said it was "deeply disappointed" by the allegations made by Qatar Airways and rebutted all claims.

"LDI was denied full access to the project site for the first nine months of the 16-month project. This delay, combined with NDIA’s refusal to pay acceleration costs recommended by its own management consultancy, meant LDI was unable to start all interior contracting work on site as planned. As a result, LDI was unable to meet its original contract completion date," it added.

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Peter 6 years ago

Typical Qatar: the client is the source of 80% of the problems encountered in construction projects, mainly because the client's team is composed by incompetents and spoiled brats who change their minds all the time with no care for the impact of these changes.
Qatar's construction industry puts contractors and consultants at huge risk!

justsayin 6 years ago

As the dates keep changing, they could announce it will be ready for the 2022 world cup and just keep us all guessing between now and then as to when it will be ready.

Oh wait, that is what they are really doing anyway?
Way to go Qatar.

procan 6 years ago

What world cup in 2022 ?I don't think so.

Anon 6 years ago

Who really cares?

aslam 6 years ago

You have summarized it well. Myself Being in construction industry we have to deal with moron clients who in their life have not executed even one project.

JSS 6 years ago

Well, they're still doing way better than Berlin's long awaited new airport, which is built, finished and "almost" ready to go, but delayed for years to come for about 75000 security issues, which need to be fixed.

Carlo Marelli 6 years ago

Now: always the Client's fault right? The so called "moron" are the ones paying for the consultancy and construction services. The "moron" rely on such services (if they had the skills than they wouldn't have to correct?) thus if these major EPCs - EPCMs etc... company's - such as Bechtel - do not know how to properly and correctly consult and advise (and always being obscure just to get a tender awarded, just to blame it on the Client later) why is it still the Client's fault?

one of the joes 6 years ago

@Carlo, have you actually ever done business here in the region, especially in the construction industry?
Does the term 'moving goal posts' ring a bell for you?

There are reasons, why NDIA is so late, and many of these reasons for likely future delays were visible in 2007 already - to those who were involved at some level.

one of the joes 6 years ago

@JSS, Berlin airport is about 1 year delayed by now. Doha is on its way to year 4 in regard to delays.
If you try to say that for a well developed European country it is more of a shame to be 1 year late than it is for a gas-money driven, developing country to be 4 years late, then that's a different aspect.

Non-Muslim 6 years ago

@ Carlo Marelli
Not working in the costruction business, I still have to disagree with you.
Normal procedure (as e.g. in der Berlin case, and I must assume this is also valid for the Doha case) is a tender, a winner, and a contract based on the tender. But then the client starts asking for this change, for that change, for this gimmick, for a displaced entrance, for this and that and more. An then (e.g. Berlin) the "owner" makes a strategic change with a displaced gate (suitable for A380) and the whole floor plan changes, not only for the gate space, but also for the shops around, the restrooms, the escalators, the fire suppression system - just about everything needs to be replanned, torn down, and built up again. Lots of known and proven such stories at Berlin (BER), frankly spoken out by the architect who was blamed for his "incompetence" in building a greenfield airport - although he was awarded the contract BECAUSE of his proven record of successfully building greenfield airport.