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Thu 3 Dec 2009 07:49 AM

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New radars set to catch rogue Doha drivers

Traffic cops in Qatar trial new cameras that spot speedsters at much further distance.

Traffic cops in Doha are set to introduce a new radar system on main roads to catch drivers who try to beat the existing system.

The Traffic Department is planning to bring in a point-to-point system to monitor motorists who tend to speed up immediately after crossing a radar point.

They will be caught by the next radar, installed at a distance of three or four kilometres, Col Mohamed Marafi, Safety, Planning and Radars in-charge said in comments published by The Peninsula on Thursday.

“It is common for motorists here to slow down as they approach a radar and pick up speed when they are at a safe distance from the camera. The point-to-point radar system aims to curb this practice,” he told the paper.

“The project is currently in the experimental phase and we will implement it once the trial is successfully over,” he added.

“They will be able to sense the speed of a vehicle from a long distance. Drivers would become more cautious if they are kept under close surveillance through a long stretch of the road,” added Marafi.

He said that installation of more radars on highways and intersections had helped bring down the number of accidents.

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honey 10 years ago

Amen to that Atul!!! i hope they get to read your comment.. such an eye opener!

Ford 10 years ago

If they are like the Average Speed Cameras in the UK, they are not radars,l and the police have desribed the system very badly. Average speed camera systems utilise state of the art video system with Automatic Number Plate Reading (ANPR) digital technology. They are fitted with infra red illuminators fitted on gantries above the road, so they can work day or night. Average speed cameras are fitted either at the roadside or in the median a set distance (anything from 100m - 10km) apart to create a speed controlled zone, or where appropriate, groups of cameras can be linked to create a speed controlled network. As vehicles pass between the entry and exit camera points their number plates are digitally recorded, whether speeding or not. Then, by ANPR recognition, the images on the video of matching number plates are paired up, and because each image carries a date and time stamp, the computer can then work out your average speed between the cameras. There is no film used. One gantry can monitor up to four lanes of traffic at any one time. So no need for installations every km! There is a guide to how they work here: http://www.nottspeed.com/camera_facts_digital.php

Muhammad Shaikh 10 years ago

These radars, to me, are another source of revene. There still will be violators (thrill-seekers) who'd never care for others. In the USA and Canada just the presence of a police officer is quite enough. Because the officers there are alert and vigil most of the time and with no tolerence no matter whom so ever the violator is. Forget about when they come to you, you can't think of no jokes with them because they don't even smile. Just if you see them from miles apart people get alert. Here the officers do not have the time to stop you and give you a ticket because you are not wearing a seatbelt. You will come to know when your next Registration is due (or when you are selling the car) that you have xyz numbers of violations. Will I ever learn this way? NO. I will only learn when an officer gives me a ticket and that will work at least a year. Once in a blue moom you see them giving tickets to motorist and so openly that one can wear seatbelts long before the officer approaches them. Another solution to this traffic violation is to impose a "heavy" penalty on insurance on every violation and it should be imposed each time there is a violation and not when the car is due for insurance renewal or when the motorist is selling the car. It should be imposed on all the cars the violator has as he's a threat to the society and not the car itself i.e., it should go by the QID and not by the License Plate number.

Eve 10 years ago

Radar does not see what the traffic conditions are I had to speed up to get over to get out of the way of a speeding vehicle coming up behind me and then I get a ticket the problem with the system they have as it cannot tell what the road conditions and dangers are.

Roy 10 years ago

Eve, You should not have to speed up to get out of the way of another driver. No matter how aggressive the other driver is, they are not going to intentionally hit your vehicle, so just stay calm and only when it is safe to do so can you move out of the way. As the other vehicle is passing you can make a note of the registration number, time and location. Report it to the police so they can take appropriate measures. You will be surprised how quickly people slow down when they see you with a pen in your hand ready to note details.

langyaw 10 years ago

Roy, your advise to Eve was good up to this point: "You will be surprised how quickly people slow down when they see you with a pen in your hand ready to note details." driving with a pen and paper? at the fast track? what do you do, wave the paper and pen to make the tailgater see that you will write down their plate number and car make, if they don't stop flashing their headlight and quit the honking? IMO, the best thing to do is get out of the fast lane, and leave that to the speed maniacs out there who believe they still have 8 more lives to spare. drive safe! -- langyaw

Roy 10 years ago

Langyaw, Whoever mentioned paper????? I just show the pen and isn't that why God gave you skin so in situations like that you can note basic details and still keep control of your vehicle....but thank you for pointing that out anyway. I agree the best course of action is to get out of the way but NOT by speeding up and move only when it is safe to do so.....the impatient, speeding motorist will just have to wait a few agonising seconds longer before they can speed off into the sunset, hopefully meeting a fate of their own choosing on their own and leave the roads a slightly safer place to drive...

LEOJ 10 years ago

i want to comment only about the one who have a pen and paper to wrote down the plate no. of your car, the problem is even do your in the right way some people writing the plate no. to make a wrong report to the police and as usual the police don't know what happen and they will agree and listen to the who reported. this is unfair to the low class driver. its better to be pair to all driver arabic or another nationality.. i hope you understand,because sometimes if arabic make the wrong driving like cutting to another car, no body will complain if another nationality make a same problem they catch them and make a fine. this is my comment about the driving..

David Andrews 10 years ago

I agree with a few comments regarding the lunicy with which people drive (especially QATARIS) in Doha but the Police ARE the REAL CULPRITES BECAUSE THEY ARE THE ONES TO ISSUE THE DRIVING LICENSES AND OVERSEE THE DRIVING TESTS. This Country must adopt the same rigorous Driving Test standards that apply in the UK. Combine that with proper policing i.e. ANYBODY regardless of nationality who break the law gets prosecuted and then maybe the deaths and serious accidents will start to decline.