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Sat 16 Apr 2011 12:28 PM

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New speed limit set to start on Abu Dhabi-Dubai road

Police says new 140km per hour restrictions on main highway will start to be enforced on Sunday

New speed limit set to start on Abu Dhabi-Dubai road
Flashback to the horror crash the Abu Dhabi-Dubai highway in March 2008. (Getty Images)

The speed limit on the main Abu Dhabi to Dubai highway will be cut to 140km per hour from Sunday.

A decision by Abu Dhabi traffic police to reduce the speed limit from 160km per hour was announced last week and will be enforced on Sunday, UAE daily Emirates Business reported on Saturday.

The move is part of plans to improve road safety and comes just weeks after a major pile-up on the road which left one person dead and more than 60 injured.

The crash, which was caused by dense fog, involved 127 vehicles and forced the road to close for about four hours.

The paper said from Sunday vehicle travelling over 140km per hour will be snapped by speed cameras along both directions of the road.

It said an average 9,000 vehicles use the 100km road stretch between the two cities per hour at peak time.

“Drivers are called upon to abide by the new speed limits to ensure their safety and protect the lives of other road users,” it quoted from a police statement, adding that heavy duty trucks must also abide by the 80km per hours speed limit.

In March 2008, three people were killed and 300 injured in a similar fog-shrouded pile-up on the same stretch of highway.

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Ali 9 years ago

This is a good idea to save lives. However, patrols will stop people that do not abide by speed limit and do crazy things on the road.

BV 9 years ago

It wasn't the 'Dense Fog' that caused the accident on the highway between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It was poor driving & a lack of understanding of road etiquette during foggy conditions.

I welcome the speed limit cut to 140km/h. The fact that the signs say 120, and is completely ignored by 80% of the road users clearly shows that the Dubai and Abu Dhabi Police also need to step up their policing, and enforce the rules.

Guys, don't try and blame the weather for poor driving.

Wino 9 years ago

Suggestion to ease traffic and vehicle flow.

It is known to all that time is important. As the proverb goes “TIME is GOLD”. However to some people they never value time or how much more another persons time. In view of this, I would suggest to assign speed limits on each lane to prioritize people who give value to their time. People who want to go home from work to be with their family or simply want to rest early for next days work. Below are the suggested speed limits. If 140 kmh is the decision then the below needs to be considered and implemented.

Farthest left lane – 140 kmh max (Dubai – Abu Dhabi Road) – Slowest 120 kmh max (no vehicle allowed to use this lane if travelling below the speed indicated)
2nd Lane from left – 120 kmh max – Slowest 100 kmh max
3rd Lane from left – 100 kmh max - Slowest 80 kmh max
4th Lane from left – 80 kmh max - Slowest 60 kmh max
5th Lane from left – 60 kmh max - Slowest 40 kmh max (should be the farthest right lane mostly busses and trucks)

Note: for 4 lane roads or less left side is for higher or faster speed and lower or slow speed vehicles

As my experience driving daily from Dubai to Abu Dhabi vice versa for 3 years, there are drivers who run 40 in farthest left lane. This tends other drivers to change lanes all the time hence resulted to accidents. Obviously, other drivers do not value other peoples time. There are also appointments, meetings, important occasions that you want to be in the right time which unfortunately impend by drivers who just do not care.

I hope the Police (Traffic Division) would consider such suggestion as this would help ease traffic flow thus reach home safely and early and avoid wasting other persons time.

Roman 9 years ago

Did I miss something - it's been 120km/h speed limit for a long time. Yesterday it was at least.

Alex 9 years ago

From 160km/h to 140 km/h? Can somebody tell me what the 120 km/h sign mean, then?

James Parise 9 years ago

Its better to be late than Dead on time

Tony 9 years ago

Six lanes of straight highway, with barely any curves, with asphalt that is smooth as a baby's behind. They should have no speedlimit, IF people knew how to drive here.

People in Germany drive on curvy Autobahns with a maximum of three lanes, and guess what there are NO speedlimits on 60% of German Autobahns!

Bill 9 years ago

I thought the accident was due to driving too fast in poor visibility conditions ? So how is reducing the speed limit going to affect that People should learn to drive so they can stop in the distance they can see.

O'win 9 years ago

Thats a great idea.

jm 9 years ago

and will this 20km/h reduction make a huge impact?? I doubt.
Plus, the speed signs show max speed limit is 120km/h!!
Why giving a grace of 20km/h? the driver should know that the max speed is 120 and he should drive below (let's say 110 or 115). In other countries you get penalized for speeding more than the allowed speed even for 1km/h.

It's the driving habits that need to be changed and not the speed limit.