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Wed 3 Jan 2018 02:36 PM

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Revealed: Fixit app aims to help Dubai tenants resolve urgent problems

Dubai-based broker announces new property management system for landlords and tenants

Revealed: Fixit app aims to help Dubai tenants resolve urgent problems

A Dubai-based real estate broker has devised a new property management system which will give tenants an instant communication channel to resolve urgent maintenance problems.

The system, conceived by fäm Properties in Dubai will transform the way real estate agents and landlords communicate and help tenants resolve issues quickly and more efficiently, its designers said.

Tenants, often frustrated by delayed response to urgent maintenance problems, will be able to use the system to resolve domestic issues like AC breakdowns, plumbing leaks and electrical failures.

fäm Properties said in a statement that it will also give landlords peace of mind by delivering real time condition reports, budget forecasting and showing actual return on investment (ROI) for individual properties.

“The objective is to take property management services to a new level, using technology to make it much faster, easier and more effective for real estate agents, landlords and tenants to talk to each other,” said Firas Al Msaddi, CEO of fäm Properties.

“This is another first for the Dubai property market, and we feel it’s particularly important in the current economic climate to adopt an innovative approach to real estate overall.”

He added that he believes the new property management offering will help dispel negative attitudes towards real estate agents in the UAE market.

It comprises an Oracle-based customer relationship management (CRM) system linked to an Android and iOS app, both developed by the company’s in-house tech design team.

The bespoke online platform, which can be individually tailored, considers maintenance fees, service charges, incoming rent and all other financial aspects to calculate actual ROI for landlords.

By using the new Fixit app, which is linked to the online CRM platform, to upload information and images, tenants can instantly can bring urgent maintenance issues to the immediate attention of landlords and agents.

Ahmed Abou El Naga, director of Asset Management for fäm Properties, said:  “This instantly puts the problem into perspective and results in faster solutions.

“That’s vital for tenants who may be left without AC during the hot summer months or need prompt action to fix leaks.”

The obvious benefits of the app for the tenants are expected to boost occupancy rates for managed units, increasing profitability for landlords in the process, he added.