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Mon 2 Jan 2012 03:05 PM

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No ‘Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ for UAE movie fans

Director of thriller refuses cuts proposed by UAE censors to graphic film

No ‘Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ for UAE movie fans
(Picture for illustrative purposes only)

‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’, an adaptation of Stieg Larsson's novel by the same name, won’t be showing in UAE cinemas after the film’s director declined cuts requested by censors.

The movie contains graphic scenes of violence and sexual abuse but it is understood that director David Fincher declined to allow the censorship needed to release the film in the Gulf country.

“We were asked to make seven or eight cuts to the film, which amounted to about three or four minutes,” said Kifah Ghraizi, operations manager at Empire, the UAE distributer for the film.

“All of the removed scenes contained nudity or of a sexual nature - no material was removed for religious or political reasons. But [director] David Fincher himself was not happy with the edits and has forbidden the film to be shown in the new format.”

The film is based on the first of a trilogy of crime novels by Swedish author Larsson. The plot follows journalist Mikael Blomkvist, played by British actor Daniel Craig, as he investigates the 40-year-old case of the disappearance of a wealthy young woman, aided by a tattooed, punk female computer hacker.

The $90m Hollywood version is a remake of a 2009 Swedish adaption by Danish director Niels Arden Oplev. The film has received glowing reviews in the US and UK, earning $69m at the global box office since its released on Dec 21 last year.

Fincher was previously responsible for box office heavyweights The Social Network and Fight Club.

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charles 8 years ago

Sad for us not to see this in the cinemas here, but well done to the Director for taking a stand and not diluting his own credibility.

funland 8 years ago

David Fincher rocks!! Saw the movie, never read the book or had interest in it. But the movie was absolutely stunningly directed, and the story line gripping. The 'sexual scenes' were short, but there was a horribly violent rape in it which even I couldn't watch too long - but removing it would simply ruin the movie - it completes the picture of the girl's state of mind. too bad Dubai won't get to see it, but if anyone is going out west, I fully recommend even a blu ray copy. This one is a keeper, much like all of David Fincher's directorials.

morpheus 8 years ago

who wants to see rubbish movies anyways. Other than two movies released in 2011 (Mi iv and sherlock holmes) the whole year was disappointing

i have seen cheap, time wasting, movies being released this year

Lionheart 8 years ago

The director won't lose any sleep over this . A lot of really good movies here don't get aired as it's just lost on a lot of residents . Hollywood Blockbusters and Cartoons and Pixar stuff are the normal fodder here.

Red Snappa 8 years ago

A laudable stand against censorship that destroys artistic integrity, another retrograde step in a much touted media destination?

However, as a word of advice to all you fillum buffs out there it is an excellente piece of cinema, catch it where glasnost prevails.

Mick 8 years ago

Morpheus, Warrior was excellent as were quite a few others. Sherlock Holmes had zero relation to the literary character and getting more away from the original idea and more towards the Michael Bay genre. The TV series is much better. Great for Fincher to show professionally inegrity and stick to his guns. Whoever wants to see it will eventually see it anyway. They have sections in the supermarkets that are for "non-muslims"....why not cinemas so we can see films in the entirety like we are used to. I'm being serious.

Bo Engstrom 8 years ago

The author spent all his life fighting for the women's rights and against nazi streamings in the society. In this case men's superiority over clever and intelligent women.

I can understand the decision made by the UAE authorities as the film as such could seen as a provocation of the UAE way of life.

American in the USA 8 years ago


Cutting any of it would ruin the movie completely.

Jezinho 8 years ago

Whilst I respect the position of the UAE censor (note that in the UK we have a classification board rather than a censor), I still don't understand why such objection is raised to scenes of sex and nudity whilst there appears to be no issue with scenes of gratuitous violence. In Bahrain, Gangs of New York (itself a pretty tedious film) had a love scene cut (which meant that a key element of the plot was missed) whereas scenes of guys merrily chopping each other to pieces was deemed to be suitable family viewing.