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Thu 1 Jan 2009 08:23 AM

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Occupation blacklist announced in visa initiative

Expats in a total of 57 occupations will not be allowed to bring families with them to UAE.

A list of 57 occupations have been put on a blacklist that bans expats from bringing their families to live with them in the UAE.

The move is part of a Government initiative to reduce the number of people breaking visa laws.

Among those who will be unable to bring family include: make-up artists, cooks, bakers, car washers, grave diggers, tailors, waiters and falcon trainers, UAE daily The National reported on Thursday.

A total of 25,313 visa violators and infiltrators have been caught since an amnesty period ended in Nov. 2007, according to Brig Gen Nasser al Minhali, the acting director of the Naturalisation and Residency Department.

“Our main concern is violators. Ninety per cent of the banned professions do not fit the naturalisation and residency laws anyway. I understand that everyone wants their family to be close to them but I have a responsibility to fight violators,” he told the paper.

Low-income employees were often not able to pay visa fees for their families, which turned them into illegal immigrants, he said.

“When we identified the 57 occupations, we found a big accumulation of violators between them," he added.

The authorities have also stepped up policing with a 24-hour, toll-free tip line to report absconders and illegal immigrants.

Residents who overstay their residency visas are fined 25 dirhams for each day, while people who overstay other types of visas are fined 100 dirhams for each day.

Those caught by authorities without a valid visa are deported immediately.

A 50,000 dirham fine is imposed on employers who recruit foreigners without gaining work permits.

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Mohd Ali 11 years ago

Good move, but if crime rates are to be reduced, then specific subcontinental nationalities should be banned also as they cause most of the crime. Arab expats and Europeans should be encouraged to bring their families instead of Asians.

Maz Mohad 11 years ago

It is cruelty to not allow people to live with their families. If visa violation is an issue among these people, then the government should altogether ban expats from these positions. Let the locals deal with it and they can be with their families. I request the authorities to be little islamic if not completely, it is haram to not let people live with their wife and children. Why gain more curses from these poor people?

SR 11 years ago

Re. Mr. Ali's comment, Is there any proven theory that crimes in UAE are committed by Asians (from the sub-continents)?? Some of the recent high profiles crimes that took place don't seem to indicate so! Do you honestly believe that Arab expats / Europeans are crime-free????

andrews 11 years ago

mr.Mohd ali, why do you think that only people from sub continent are doing this. last week they busted a gang from Eastern europe who were doing robbing apartments. arent your comments saying that you are a racist or you dont know what you mean?Today you will see all the so called european rich countries running to the Indian subcontinent to sell their products as their markets mature.

Aadil 11 years ago

Poor people are no longer welcome as true residents in Dubai. If you're poor/a low income earner you should be happy to work for your measly salary. There is no chance for a better life. This move and others like it will only reduce Dubai's appeal. Dubai is becoming less appealing by the day for all workers from all regions (Europeans and Asians in particular).

NOMY 11 years ago

I quite agree with the comments of Maz Mohad, However I am very disappointed with Mohd Ali's "immature comments".

MXM 11 years ago

Mohd Ali - you dont say which country you are from but you show typical Racist and bigotted that makes Arabs a sign of ridicule and embarrassment. Let me tell you - it is the Indians and people from the subcontinent who are running the businesses and driving the progress of the UAE. It is the people from the sub continent who are breaking their backs to build the projects and towers that the Arabs seem to think makes them superior. While the people from the subcontinent toil in the heat and die from the poor and unsafe conditions, the locals try and act like whites and chase any skirt they see. You are quite pathetic.

FB 11 years ago

Expats should be encouraged to live with their families otherwise thier illicit relations will increase. This will become unislamic.

gabby 11 years ago

Ms. Mohd Ali, your comment shows how you look at asians. racist and ignorance is the most appropriate definition for your comment. would you like also the world, not only asians, to generalize the race/religion of most of the terrorists? i guess you will not be happy about the answer, right?! so pls. think before you type.

ashraf61 11 years ago

I really believe that people like Mohd Ali can degenerate a serious issue into something completely irrelevant to the issue. Surely Mr Ali is living an insulated life since he is not aware that statistically more crime is commited by the "white race" in their countries then anyone else. To bring the family visa issue to the front, how can the government simply put a swift ban on the type of job.Surely the matter relates to money and if the individual can afford to sponsor his family. Whatever happened to the 4000AED condition?