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Sat 2 Apr 2011 01:37 PM

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One dead, 61 hurt in Dubai to Abu Dhabi road pile-up

More than 120 vehicles involved in series of incidents on major highway caused by dense fog

One dead, 61 hurt in Dubai to Abu Dhabi road pile-up
Flashback to the horror crash the Abu Dhabi-Dubai highway in March 2008. The accident was the worst traffic incident in the UAEs history. (Getty Images)

One person died and more than 60 people were injured in a huge car pile-up in dense fog on the Dubai-Abu Dhabi highway early on Saturday, according to police.

The pile-up extended for more than 500 yards and involved 127 vehicles.

Some local media reports initially said two people were killed, but police reports did not immediately mention fatalities but later confirmed one person had died with 61 others injured.

The busy highway between the UAE's two main cities was closed for hours, it added.

The road was reopened for normal traffic from the bridge at around 10.50am Dubai time, according to police, who advised motorists to drive cautiously.

In March 2008, three people were killed and 300 injured in a similar fog-shrouded pile-up on the same stretch of highway.

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Upset expat 8 years ago

People leave their brain at home when driving on major highways in bad weather conditions in this country. Although this is a sad situation, I am not the least surprised.

Fog happens elsewhere on the planet but drivers adjust their speed and use a cautious approach to driving. Many drivers in this country have a very bad attitude and reckless approach to driving in any conditions on a good day. In bad weather, it is enough to kill people. Driving a motor vehicle is a privilege, not a right. If people can't cope with the weather conditions, and be smart about it, they should just stay at home until it clears.

Instead, these morons think they are better than every other drivers out there and they go on driving at high speed in near zero visibility... This is actually worse than driving under the influence (I am not suggesting anybody should). Come on UAE DRIVERS, slow down and grow up!

Saeid 8 years ago

We were driving to Dubai from Ajman on Friday night. There was a Nissan weaving through the traffic, racing and being generally obnoxious with all drivers, cutting them off, slamming on his brakes in front of them, etc. And as he finally passed us, A Dubai Police BMW also passed us. I thought for sure he would stop the Nissan. But no! He just drove on.

This is obviously a different situation, as it involves fog. And although I have a lot of respect for Dubai Police, I think they still need to do more and be frim with bad drivers

Business Man 8 years ago

I hope it was a Tailgater that died. One less for the rest of us to be threatened by.

Jebel Ali Baba 8 years ago

It's not the first time and it will not be the last time that happens. I call it evolution - survival of the fittest.

AD 8 years ago

Do people in this country understand it is incredibly unsafe to "tailgate" ie. drive 6 inches off the bumper of the car in front?

Has anyone been pulled over and punished for this?

How about violently weaving around over 4 or 5 lanes and generally drive with no consideration or respect? Is there any action by the police to stamp this out?

Ziad 8 years ago

How about building an electronic weather controlled and centralized, system that reduces lanes to a safe number, forcing commuters to decrease speed? just like the one they have on the Sydney bridge? How many dead people does it take for such a project to be implemented? Budget cuts??

Banjo 8 years ago

Not a nice thing to wish for anyone, tailgater or not. Most likely, it was some innocent driver or passenger who normally always follows the rules, whose vehicle sadly got hit on the wrong side by a rule breaker.

I recall a similar event on SZR around 11 years ago, same scene, cars on fire on the side of the road, 120+ vehicles involved etc. History repeating itself, I suppose.

AUH DXB daily traveller 8 years ago

A drive back and forth on Dubai - AUH highway will be unsafe until the speedlimits are reduced to 120kmph ( current is at 160kmph in the AUH strtech)....AUH Roads authority must install RADARS every km ( like on the Dubai stretch from Ghantoot)...

Jebel Ali Baba 8 years ago

Traffic police is utterly useless in this country. I have never seen in 10 years that someone was pulled over for reckless driving, using his phone, black tinting his windows or using illegal part on his car. Police is reacting only but rarely acting in this country compared to American or European standards. Another thing that needs time for improvement.

Ali 8 years ago

Here we go again with the speed limit police.
Speed limits dont do anything during fog; if people drive at 110 km (which is under your limit) it can still lead to horrid accidents.

Its about maintaining proper distance between cars and of course not driving at abnormal speeds like 180.

EVen during clear conditions it is far safer to have cars at 140 and maintaining safe spaces and lane discipline rather than cars doing 110 kmh and 20 yards away from each other.
If lower speeds was all that great China/India would have less deaths and Germany would have high accident deat rates