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Thu 14 Jan 2010 07:12 AM

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Only 9% say they will pay for fuel pump attendants

Arabian Business poll reveals widespread opposition to plans by ENOC to change policy.

Only nine percent of people said they will continue to use fuel pump attendants if they have to pay an extra charge on top of the fuel price, the latest Arabian Business poll has found.

Some 45.2 percent of respondents said they were “more than happy” to fill up their cars with fuel themselves if petrol companies start charging for the service.

Last week Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) announced it was set to introduce a self service option later this year.

Under the plan customers will pay a flat rate for their fuel, but those who want to use an attendant will have to pay extra. The company has not said how much the additional cost will be.

According to the results of the latest AB survey, 15.6 percent of people said the cost would determine whether they will use an attendants or not, while 30.2 percent said they would use an attendant if the extra charge was paid to them, but they would not if it went to the company.

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The Pundit 10 years ago

No, not Frankenstein but rather the invisible editorial hand of AB. 1. Thanks for posting your reply. Well appreciated 2. Unfortunately your reply was also factually incorrect: "Only nine percent of people said they will continue to use fuel pump attendants if they have to pay an extra charge on top of the fuel price" What that says is that 91% of the people would pump their own fuel. Not that 91% were opposed to the plan. So, either you asked the wrong question (hence the spin) or you got the right answer (again, hence the spin). In short, your "poll" states that 91% will pump their own gas rather than paying extra for an attendant. I would guess (and I have no data to support this) that the percentage is probably similar to that in other countries such as the US and EU. Sounds to me like ENOC has some support for their pump your one plan.

Ali 10 years ago

I read these comments and can't stop shaking my head. It is not about tipping the hardworking guy who is filling your car. This is a service charge going directly to petrol companies. It is a form of tax and a profit centre. They will have the guys there to fill up your gas but only on one or two lanes. The rest will be self served. The reality is that they will employ less people and make bigger profits. It is a shame that with the amount they pay these folks they need our money to not only pay the wages but also increase their huge profits to a new level.

The Pundit 10 years ago

@ Ali - Read the article (and others related). ENOC is LOSING money so there are no profits. This move is to help them achieve profitability. After all, a company should not be run if it is not profitable.

Ali 10 years ago

They must be the only petroleum reatiling outfit in the worl who is not making a profit which is hard to beleive. This would go to their managment and internal processes. Cutting the jobs of few low paid workers is not the answer. If the numebrs are correct they are going to have 91% pumping their own fuel which will result in job cuts. They should look at their business practices. Service is the key for customer loyalty and retention and ulitimately business profitability.

Jerry Yamate 10 years ago

Consider this: If an attendant operates 2 pumps, and pumps one tank of fuel every five minutes for 10 hours on both pumps, that's 2 pumps x 12 tankfulls/hr x 10 hours or 240 tanks of petrol. He sure as heck don't cost ENOC 240 dirham a day for wages, housing and transportation which means that it costs less than a dirham for an attendent to pump each tank ... and the actual cost is probably half that. I don't want to climb out of my car for a dirham - especially when it's 40 degrees outside just to save ENOC a few fils. Count me out of this stupid stupid scheme! I doubt that it will take long before some smart guys (maybe the car wash guys hanging around all over the place) do the math and start offering to fill your tank for a dirham - which is exactly what I used to tip the attendent anyway.

AK 10 years ago

ENOC sevices used to be one of the best in town, and personally I like their service and their attendants' behaviour and politeness, but however I do agree with Ali & Jerry concerning ENOC profit, cost and their attendants tips. To ENOC Management: Plz keep your NAME as good as it is, do not spoil ur reputition for few cents. LuV U All......LuV Dubai.....Best Wishes

khalid 10 years ago

I would fill my car in stations of other companies, because i hate companies that are driven buy greed.

Scorp 10 years ago

ENOC are losing money daily because they are forced to buy petroleum products at the international market rate and at the same time are forced by the government to sell at below cost. This is also true of other chains in Dubai, only ADNOC buys at subsidised rates. This is done so that petrol remains cheap here.... think about this for a moment....water is more expensive in this country than petrol! Personally I don't mind pumping my own petrol, I already do this on occasion. Of course, I also clean my own windows and wash my own car at home, I don't consider that any of this is beneath me! On the other hand, I do sympathise with the attendants who will lose their jobs. I've been there myself and it's not pleasant.

Jane Doe 10 years ago

This is going to be yet another service charge which is pretty amazing considering the Government has removed service charge from restaurants. I think it's just an excuse for ENOC to reduce most of their (cheap labour) employees and the poor souls will have to return to their poor countries. I for one will not pump my own petrol .... and it's not because of the extra charge since I already tip the chap who cleans the windows and pumps the gas 5 dhs anyway. I will simply go to a different petrol station - and come to think of it, I will start doing that as of now because I will not subsidise greed.

The Pundit 10 years ago

Folks, this isn't a service charge. In fact, if you want to look at it as a service charge, this eliminates a "negative" service charge". That is, this eliminates a refund that the government has imposed on ENOC, EPPCO, and EMARAT. For years ENOC, EPPCO, and EMARAT have complained about losing money. They, along with ADNOC and the petrol companies in Kuwait, Saudi, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman (hmmm, the entire GCC, go figure) all sell petrol at a loss (subsidized prices). Also, in case you weren't aware, the staff of the petrol stations does NOT get to keep those tips you give them. The management takes the tips. Only one company of the three I mentioned gives back part of the monies to their staff in form of cash. The rest of it use it internally. And finally, if ENOC is able to raise their prices and eliminate attendants, don't you think the others will follow? They will.