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Thu 28 Jan 2010 05:23 AM

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Over 750 nabbed during tailgating campaign

Fines issued in two days more than double the 351 issued during the month.

Over 750 motorists have been fined in the first two days of a police campaign to crack down on tailgating on the capital’s roads, it was reported on Wednesday.

Abu Dhabi police launched the campaign after it was noticed that tailgating was a major cause of accidents in the capital. According to police statistics, in the last three months the practice has caused 69 accidents, with two of them being fatal, in Abu Dhabi alone.

A number of fines were issued on city streets, with the majority of offences taking place on Al Khaleej Al Arabi Street and Mahawi Street (in the direction of Abu Dhabi), Lt Col Hamad Al Ameri, head of the traffic investigation section of Abu Dhabi traffic and patrols department, said in comments published by UAE daily The National.

The number of fines handed out in the two day period was more than double the 351 given out during the previous 24 days of the month.

He added that most offences took place during the peak hours of the morning and close to noon.

As part of the “Leave Space Before it is Too Late” campaign, police said in a news release, sixteen unmarked police cars have been patrolling the roads from Sunday, when the campaign began.

In addition, the number of police officers on patrol has also been increased.

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Jon 10 years ago

All credit to Abu Dhabi police for this initiative, can we have a similar blitz in Dubai please, it is sorely needed.

John 10 years ago

This is a long overdue, but very worthwhile initiative. Tailgating UAE style is the worst kind of arrogance, bullying and selfishness. The sooner Dubai follows suit the better.

Roy 10 years ago

Okay now the police have had some success with tailgaters, how about they also concentrate on the slow drivers in the middle and 2nd to left hand lane....get them over to the right hand lanes and allow the traffic to flow without people getting annoyed and frustrated which leads to people tailgating at high speeds.

usman 10 years ago

I agree with Roy. Today in the morning I was driving slowly & was on the right most 4th lane going 90 kmph on Khaleej ul Arabi road. I noticed some drivers were even slower than that & were driving at 2nd lane from the left. These are the types of drivers which complains that they get flashed & tailgated. Perhaps due these, other drivers suffer who wanna drive at a decent speed of 120 kmph & had to over take & suffer from fast drivers cruising at 160 kmph.

Dan 10 years ago

Sorry Usman & Roy but you will never be able to teach those slow drivers to keep to the right. They cause more anger and frustration then the flashing and tailgating drivers. Most of them are not even very about the traffic around them and the frustration they cause. Maybe UAE should look in some of the solutions Oman was considering. At one point they got so frustrated by how the new drivers were messing up the roads and traffic, they were considering to introduce a minimum monthly salary for having the right to get a driving license and buying a car. I think that solution should have been used in UAE six years ago. It has nothing to do with equal opportunity for all. Depending on the environment people come from, not all can be introduced to all parts of the modern life at once. It just doesn’t work, as so obvious in the UAE traffic. It takes time. The introduction must be in phases to work or you will get chaos.

Wildwine 10 years ago

I completely agree that 2 left most lanes should not be driven even at 120 kmph! My experience is that you get taigated even at 140+ on the 2nd lane from left! This is the problem!!!! In most cases, people drive at 160+ and slow down to 160 near the speed cameras; this is the practice and these guys are the ones who are culprits. Usman, please don't tell me that you need to be at 160 kmph only near cameras and you can drive at whatever speed inbetween cameras! BTW, you can blame the slow drivers, but tailgating is a bad bad and dangerous habit on roads and that is a fact. Just because there are slow drivers no one gets a special right to tailgate the other! Just because you drive fast that does not make you superior or an important person; roads are for everybody provided they drive within maximum & minimum speed limits!! I had driven in the US from NY to Boston and to Toronto from thereon, I have never seen tailgating! People stick to the speed limit of 80 mph, ofcourse roads are well policed (using marked as well as unmarked police cars).

Nigel Witham 10 years ago

As a frequent visitor to the UAE I have been alarmed by the disgusting and dangerous driving and particularly the tail-gating which goes on even at the highest speeds. It is unrealstic to expect everyone to drive perfectly all the time and so a good driver should tolerate the faults of others. Two wrongs don't make a right, especially at 160 KPH. If the car in front is in the wrong lane or traveling slower than you that does not give you the right to risk anyone's life. When all is said all should be required to save lives and make driving pleasant for all is some good manners so I am shocked and saddened by some of the impatient and downright nasty comments left here. There is no justification for tailgating - ever.

oli69 10 years ago

Completely agree with the comments on slow drivers. There should be a massive campaign that teaches these ppl to stay RIGHT! Tailgaters may be arrogant but slow drivers that build the traffic are much more selfish by taking over lanes that do not belong to them. These slow drivers are the same as the rubberneckers and those that turn on the flash lights when there is a bit of fog or rain. All should be banned and their licenses removed until they learn how to drive properly. Having said all this tailgaters that do not know how to control their speed and distance are just as bad drivers and I'm in no way justifying them. But I think an overall bigger driving campaign should be introduced that targets ALL bad drivers.

usman 10 years ago

Today sat morning I was coming from Dubai to Abu Dhabi & I was driving pretty slow at 100 kmph & I was at 4th lane from right on SZR. Trust me I had no issues as trucks were also going on the same speed & 25 seater buses were faster than me. I find no excuse for ppl driving at 100 or 120 kmph at 2nd lane from left. They block traffic & force people to flash. Further more, I normally drives at 160 kmph at (AUH-DXB hiway) BECAUSE if i wanna drive at 140 kmph there would be some genius guy travelling at 120 kmph in the 2nd lane from left & I had to over take him & accelerate my speed from 120 to 160 in seconds. This 'overtaking stage' most people complain & its a headache. They get flashed & tailgated in this period.So. its easier to cruise at 160 rather than over taking these slow drivers after every then & now

gordon robertson 10 years ago

I am amazed when a tailgater thinks he is right, when they know that the law says other wise, that the police are out to try and catch them, stop them and punish them. It reminds me of an old German joke, the radio commentator says, beware on the A1 therre is someone driving the wrong way down the motorway, the errant driver suddenly shouts to his passenger....one!!!! there are thousands driving the wrong way. Either the police, the law, the public opinion are all wrong, or perhaps if you were to think....you must be wrong. Gordon