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Wed 17 Jun 2009 11:01 AM

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Paris Hilton 'twitter' sparks Dubai event confusion

UPDATE 2: Celebrity uses website to dismiss claims she is launching new hotel club.

There was growing confusion on Wednesday over whether reality TV star and professional party princess Paris Hilton would be hosting the launch of a new nightclub in Dubai.

Dubai socialites wanting to rub shoulders with the heiress may find themselves with nowhere to go on Wednesday night, after Hilton posted comments on social networking site Twitter denying that she would put in an appearance at the launch of the Bed Lounge at the Intercontinental Hotel.

“They are advertising everywhere here that I am hosting a club appearance at some club called Bed tomorrow night here. This is not true,” she said in her first comment.

In a later comment published at 11.30am on Wednesday, she confirmed: "I am NOT doing a club appearance at Club Bed tonight in Dubai."

Meanwhile, the event manager has said he could not “guarantee” an appearance at the event, tickets for which cost AED200.

“We are the event managers at the Bed and I have just spoken to the hotel who cannot guarantee she is attending the party,” The Talent Brokers said in an e-mail.

The organisers said as recently as Sunday that the event would go ahead.

“Paris Hilton’s date with Dubai gets off to a clubbing start as she attends her first public social event on Wednesday,” the event’s PR representative said in a statement released to the media earlier this week.

On a web forum about Dubai’s nightlife, one of the club’s DJs said that the night would cater “to the rich and the famous, the affluent and the higher end of the society”.

“The entry will be restricted to invitees who will be carefully selected to be a part of the night,” he said.

John Thomas 10 years ago

I have not read the above article and will not - 2 simple words: "WHO CARES?" the woman is laughing joke back home and no one takes her seriously why would anyone care what she does in Dubai!!! - AB get back to real news (if there are any out there).

Simone 10 years ago

Isn't this is a serious business site? Please, can you just sort yourself out and report what really matters. This is a waste of your time and does not do much for your credibility.

Anupama V. Chand 10 years ago

Why are we, as a species, so obsessed with Celebrity and the lives of the rich and famous - come on Dubai, this is just another Hollywood Wannabe who is famous just for being famous....she does nothing of any appreciable value, other than have a night on the town, cultivate a fan following and swank in and out of the most exclusive events and why is she worthy of attention? Do we really have so little to do in our humdrum lives? That then is a definite cause for concern.....but she will probably so feel at home in Dubai, which, at the risk of being facetious, is more bling than even Paris! If she chooses not to attend a soiree at the Inter-Continental, who cares? To be honest, the hotel should have made sure they checked with her first! Having her go twittering her absence is hardly the best publicity for a new place - unless notoreity is going to guarantee a full house, of course!

bewildered of dubai 10 years ago

Well here's a topic to keep dubai on it's toes for a long while. The expression that Nero fiddled whilst Rome burned comes to mind. What excitement??? Will this dizzy, dozy dame of no significant talent, be allowed to be greeted by the narcissistic would-be wannabees of Dubai's night-clubbing elite at the opening of The Bed? I wonder if anything more significant is taking place in the world right now"? Surely not...

Debbie 10 years ago

Hahaha..Simone's comments just cracked me up! Seriously....does this really matter? I feel bad for all those celeb wannabes who spent AED 200 to go out and party with Paris well spent!

Geriant 10 years ago

This is a Twitter-based publicity stunt to get all the rest of us twits excited about some stupid nightclub full of beds, an idea so old it was done in Bangkok a decade ago and became a huge yawn. Using new media like this discredits it, so AB, stick with your ink and paper!

SR 10 years ago

Wow! Quite a stament from someone as highly qualified as a DJ. One would have thought that poeple would have learnt some humility by now. Does Dubai have any famous poeple?

maher 10 years ago

all these people here pretending to not care about celebs would drop that idea in a heart beat. i bet if they are offered a chance right now to take a pic w Paris Hilton they would do it now. Lets not pretend folks, the lady knows how to work the media and she appears more times on David Letterman than any of these sorry folks would have a slight 1% of a chance!

Ontobetterthings 10 years ago

Twitter sucks and why would people care about such drivel anyways...

Trevor Phillips 10 years ago

I'm not interested in getting a photo taken with celeb, sorry I must be wierd. Anyway it's Bikers Night at Majectic so would n't have gone anyway.