Mohamed ElBaradei

Former boss of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Mohamed ElBaradei has swapped the diplomatic for the political with his latest venture. In his first trip to Cairo since stepping down from the IAEA in November 2009, ElBaradei launched the National Association for Change; a multi-party agency aimed at pushing for social and legal reform.

During his twelve years as director general of the IAEA, the 67-year-old gained a name for his straight-talking style, particularly on the thorny issue of Iran’s nuclear ambitions. In an interview with CNN in 2007, he gave a stern warning against the “new crazies, who want to say; let us go and bomb Iran.” He also stood firm in his opposition to US military action in Iraq in 2005 — a stance that later won him the Nobel Peace Prize; an honour he shared with the IAEA.