10 best quirky gadgets revealed

Arabian Business brings you a list for tech aficionados who are searching for something unique and peculiar
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A fusion of style, innovation and design, these gizmos and their little sidekicks are designed with your convenience in mind. This selection was compiled for tech aficionados who are searching for something unique and peculiar, yet sleek and practical. You can get your hands on all the featured gadgets by visiting Dubai-based Wamli’s official website.
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1. Mega Phone, Glossy Black ($795)
\nThe Italian-designed Megaphone amplifier transmits sound without using electricity and is the ideal device for listening to music without headphones or for making hands-free phone calls. Made from ceramic and wood, it comes in various colours, including gold, copper, platinum and white.
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2. A Solar Micro Charger ($31)
\nThis handy mobile charger is for devices with a Micro USB connector. It is equipped with a powerful 1900mAh battery and a solar cell. You can charge it either via USB or sunlight.
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3. Portable Charging Station with Battery Pack ($170)
\nThe Leather Series from AViiQ is a portable charging station with an attached four-port USB hub, detachable wall adapter, and cable rack system for cable management. It also has an integrated 5200mAh lithium ion battery and it all comes in a compact leather zipper bag.
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4. Dog Lamp ($170)
\nA crazy-funky-cool home accessory that will definitely spark up a conversation. \nGently click the dog’s head to switch it on or off. Wamli claims that it is “much like petting a dog, but minus the joy you get when your real pet dog slobbers all over you in response, of course.”
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5. PocketCell- Rechargeable battery bank ($66)
\nA portable charger that includes the magic trio cable. The Smart Charge function allows PocketCell to fast-charge a large variety of mobile devices, including iPods, iPads, iPhones, BlackBerrys and HTCs. It extends talk time on any iPhone by more than 25 hours.
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6. JBL on Stage Micro III Speaker, Black ($109)
\nFor iPhone/iPod, JBL’s on Stage Micro III Speaker combines many proprietary technologies to provide clear and accurate sound with astonishing bass. This uniquely designed portable sound station weighs only 1.2kg and is AC or battery charged.
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7. MM400X On-ear Bluetooth Multimedia Headset ($169)
\nWith one press of a button, you can quickly switch between calls and music delivered in superb stereo sound. The invisible high-performance microphone ensures that conversations are clear, making this headset the perfect all-in-one sound solution.
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8. Survivor + Belt clip, Black ($31)
\nAccording to US-based Griffin Technology, this extreme duty case is the most protective case they’ve ever built. It is designed to protect your iPhone from extreme conditions of dirt, sand, rain, humidity and vibration. Survivor is built on a shatter-resistant polycarbonate frame clad in rugged, shock-absorbing silicone.
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9. mMini DC 10-10 w Dual USB Auto Adapter ($22)
\nThis ultra small and lightweight adapter can charge all standard USB devices, two at a time, with high power efficiency.The built-in protection mechanisms provide advanced device protection so you’ll never have to worry about unstable voltage.
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10. A Solar Power Plug ($21)
\nThis small and convenient Micro Power Plug has an internal 400mAh battery. The internal battery stores the energy for smartphones or any other micro USB device with enough power to make a call or have a few hours of extra internet.