10 Dubai lounges you have to try in winter

Make use of the city’s short-lived cool temperatures at these outdoor venues
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Winter doesn’t last long in Dubai – but when it’s here, it’s almost heavenly. Naturally, I looked up Dubai’s best venues for enjoying the winter weather.
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1. Vii Dubai: If you like garden-themed venues, you should definitely try Vii. Dubbed a “secret garden,” the rooftop lounge is located on the 7th floor of the Conrad hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road. It’s filled with greenery, chandeliers, and bright furniture. Because the garden is enclosed and cooled with air conditioners in summer, it’s best to try this lounge in winter.
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2. 101 lounge: Located on a private marina, 101 lounge is the perfect venue for winter weather. They don’t say the weather beside the beach is fresher for no reason. 101 is situated in the One and Only hotel on the Palm Jumeirah.
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3. Shimmers: I don’t know about you, but one of my favourite things are a beach, a view, and a cold breeze. All three are found at Shimmers: a semi-casual wooden-structured restaurant built on a shore at Mina Al Salam. Besides the venue’s couches, floor lights, and bean bags, my favourite part is the Burj Al Arab view.
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4. Asia Asia: This one’s for the sushi lovers. Asia Asia serves some of the best sushi in Dubai – I’ve tried and tested it! But let’s get back to the weather – this restaurant is based in Pier 7 and boasts water and city views of the Marina.
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5. Siddhartha: This is like a younger version of Buddha Bar. Siddhartha lounge, in the Grosvenor’s house, entails stair-seating, dramatic lights, and city views. While it also has an indoor area that’s nicely designed as well, it doesn’t compare to its outdoor area.
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6. Jetty Lounge: Last beach lounge – I promise. While most beach venues are too casual, Jetty is slightly dressier. It has lengthy wooden pathways, fire torches, and sofa seating. The best thing about Jetty is that it works for big crowds of friends or couples. On its shore, it has private beach seating for two. Jetty is located at the One & Only Royal Mirage.
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7. 40 Kong: This “New York style” rooftop lounge is located on the 40th floor of the H Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road. Because it’s on the roof, it’s colder and windier than other venues – and I love that! Luckily, the lounge provides warm blankets if you’re feeling extra cold.
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8. Mercury lounge: The Four Season’s rooftop lounge boasts a full view of Sheikh Zayed’s skyline. It’s definitely the dressiest option on the list – as well as the priciest. However, Mercury is also one of the trendiest spots in the city at the moment. It serves great food as well.
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9. Al Sarab Rooftop lounge: If you’re a fan of the desert, you should probably try Al Sarab Rooftop at least once. Situated in Bab Al Shams resort, Al Sarab has low seating, desert views, and best of all – shisha. And what’re better than being surround by sand dunes while enjoying shisha?
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10. Treehouse: When it comes to winter weather, rooftop venues are a must – which is why you’ll forgive me for including yet another rooftop lounge. Treehouse is one of Dubai’s most recent openings and is located in Business Bay at the Taj hotel. Besides its impressive city views, the best thing about it is its garden-like theme, much like Vii Dubai, in fact.
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