10 outfits for businesswomen from Luisa Spagnoli

This spring-summer collection features everything from feminine suits to semi-casual looks
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Businesswomen need to maintain a professional work attire, but it does not have to be limited to basic shades and limited designs. Luisa Spagnoli’s spring-summer 2016 collection has looks that we think are perfect for businesswoman. While inspired by 1970s looks, it has modern touches that use current trends and make it elegant, formal and glamorous at the same time. We’re talking slim-fit flared jeans, A-line skirts floral dresses, feminine suits, and ankle-length skirts. So whether you’re in the office or unofficially meeting clients over the weekend, here are 10 looks that work well:

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1. You can skip the 1970s-printed blouse underneath, but we love the shade and feminine style of this suit. A yellow suit for summer makes sense. It doesn’t attract heat like a black one would and the shade suits the season. Don’t be afraid to try coloured-suits.

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2. This is one of the semi-casual looks we were talking about. The flared, bell-bottomed and cropped jeans combine the skinny and boyfriend jeans styles to create a more formal one. This paired with a classic double-breasted cotton jacket makes the outfit perfect for out of office meetings.

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3. This is one of our favourite looks because it’s very ladylike but very professional as well. The chiffon shirt and wide, flowy trousers are soft versions of the signature white shirt and black trousers business look.

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4. For business happenings such as award events or high-end client dinners, opt for mid-length formal dresses. We like this beige piece from Spagnoli’s collection because it features lace and a coat, giving it a conservative yet trendy feel.

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5. Another casual business look is this white and blue ensemble. The printed pants give a less formal vibe white the white top with gold embellishments is very office-appropriate.

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6. We recommend pastel shades for business events because they’re a professional substitute to black as they’re not too bright. This piece from Spagnoli has an appropriate and flattering neckline and length.

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7. Depending on what is accepted or not in your work environment, this reddish orange outfit could be formal or casual. We recommend it for casual happenings just because the colour might be too bright for some professional environments.

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8. A simple embellished piece, this dress is slightly shorter than regular formalwear, but passes the test due to its mature pink-beige shades and formal fit. We like the luxury touch of the stone embellishments.

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9. This style is more conservative as it’s longer with a classic A-line design and lace inserts. The colour gives it a modern look, however, so it works perfectly for businesswomen. We recommend this for high-end formal events.

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10. This is another favourite from the collection because it works for businesswomen of any age due to its ankle-length and soft chiffon shirt. At the same time, the look is young and modern thanks to the waist-tie and bright floral print.

Thu 16 Jun 2016 12:01 PM GST
By Lubna Hamdan