10 ways to get energised at work without caffeine

It’s time for less coffee and more of our tried-and-tested energy boosters
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If you’re reading this, you’re probably experiencing a lack of energy at work. The only thing that keeps you going is caffeine: it’s always available, it’s easy to consume, and it gives you an energy boost. But it also gives you energy kills… and dehydration… and low blood pressure.

\nDon’t get us wrong – we love coffee! But too much of anything becomes hazardous.

\nThe bad news is that this is a serious problem for many of us. The good news is, there are so many of us experiencing that that we’ve actually started finding solutions! Alas, here they are:
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1. This is Paul – he’s a stress ball

\nYou know that movie scene where some rich guy in a suit is using a stress ball? He’s not just using it because he’s stressed. He’s using it for energy. Stress expert, David Posen, told The Huffington Post that the benefit of squeezing is that it “releases some kind of energy.” To put it in a nutshell, if you’re sitting lifelessly behind your desk, wouldn’t some kind of movement (other than typing on your keyboard) help? You can get Paul at wamli.com.
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2. Hydration is boring – try “fundration”

\n“Fundration” might not be a word, but maybe it should be. What does it mean? It’s hydration in a fun way, because who wants to listen to the “drink more water” mantra for the millionth time? Boring! “Fundration” is basically picking a water-based drink which is fun to have and hydrates you. Watermelon mint coconut fusion anyone? That sounds fun, hydrating, and healthy. Notice the difference after this drink versus coffee.
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3. Breaking news: you can now enjoy the weather outside

\nIt’s 23 degrees Celsius in the UAE right now – finally! Winter is here, and the best way to get an energy boost is to spend 5 minutes outside just to enjoy it. The happiness of the weather change should be energy-boosting enough, we say. And look, no caffeine needed.
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4. Two birds in one stone

\nDid you know that there is such a thing as sitting disease? It’s a combination of negative symptoms that affect your body from long periods of sitting down. By getting up from your chair, taking the stairs, or walking around your building for 5 minutes, you would hit two birds in one stone. You would lessen your chances of getting sitting disease, and you would get an energy boost from moving your body. When you feel like you can no longer be productive, take a quick walk anywhere.
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5. Mint gum is the answer – who knew?

\nAccording to several doctors and studies, chewing gum for 15 minutes gives you a sense of awareness, increased heart rate, and improved blood flow to the brain. As for the mint, it stimulates your nerve fibres and is compared to splashing cold water on your face.
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6. It’s all in the ears

\nEnergy boosts come from small actions throughout our day. Just like an insignificant event can ruin our mood, so can a positive one boost our mood. Luckily, you don’t need an event to lift you up, all you need is to massage the outer rim of your ears. This, according to Elite Daily news site, gives you energy. Because all your body’s energy paths travel through your outer ear, a 10 – 30 second run can translate positive feelings and a sense of liveliness.
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7. Caffeine-alternative foods

\nCaffeine might give you energy for short periods of time, but these snacks will give you energy for longer episodes. Raw, unsalted nuts, Greek yogurt, berries, figs, spinach, mushrooms, and honey. You can replace your tea or coffee with least one of these, can’t you? Have it alongside lemon and mint water.
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8. Focus on focusing - literally

\nYou need to focus on staying focused. It’s not as complicated as it sounds, really. Remember the phrase, “eyes on the prize?” This is just like it. We can’t remember the times where we zoned out at work or felt completely lost when it comes to our daily duties. When this happens, you automatically shut down and lose your motivation and energy. To combat this, remind yourself of your daily goals. Remember your short-term tasks and take them one step at a time. If you’re stuck in one task, move on to the next and come back to it later.
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9. Let there be sun

\nThere’s a reason Richard Branson likes to wake up to sunshine glazing his face: because it gives him a boost of energy to get out of bed and start his day. This is exactly why you should step into the sunshine whenever you feel out of energy. After all, Vitamin D, found in sun rays, is essential to our bodies.
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10. Who said there was no fun in cleaning?

\nWhen you’re up to your neck with work, any distraction seems like a good time out. Instead of doing something useless, de-clutter your desk. That way, you would have moved your body and blood circulation and created some energy for the work ahead. It’s also believed by many a life coaches that clutter creates demotivation and lessens productivity.
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