5 apps to help you deal with stress

Eliminate stress fast for a productive professional and personal life
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Businesspeople are all too familiar with stress and the toll it can have on professional and personal lives. More often than not, stress is ignored with the hopes it will go away on its own. But the right way to deal with stress, according to numerous experts, is to face it. Here are 5 apps that will help you face and eliminate stress and turn it into positive motivational energy.

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1. Pacifica: Through psychologist-designed tools, Pacifica tracks your mood and offers relaxation and meditation tips to help you manage your feelings, including stress and anxiety. It’s basically a psychologist, but cheaper. The app is free for android and iOS.

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2. Happify: This free iOS and android app helps you take control of your emotions through quizzes, games and activities that help you see the more positive aspects of daily life. Its techniques are developed by scientists and experts who specialise in reducing stress and overcoming negative thoughts.

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3. Headspace: Used by celebs such as Emma Watson, Headspace is an app that teaches meditation through just 10 minutes every day. It teaches users how to train their minds for a happier and healthier life, inevitable conquering stress and anxiety caused by hectic work schedules. It is also available for free for android and iOS.

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4. HelloMind: If you find yourself so stressed that you are not able to function properly on a daily basis, this is an app you should consider using. Offering quick fixes, HelloMind offers immediate relief from stress or panic in just 5 minutes through a relaxation technique, making it perfect for busy business people with intense jobs. It is available for free for iOS and android.

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5. Stress Doctor: Breathing exercises and techniques are what this app is all about. It helps you lower stress and focus on goals, relationships and most importantly, your health. It also gives you updates and feedback on your improvement. It’s available for free for iOS and android.

Sun 12 Mar 2017 03:37 PM GST
By Lubna Hamdan