5 fitness apps to try if you don’t know what to do in the gym

You are not alone if you feel lost in the gym
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Too many of us feel absolutely clueless when it comes to the gym. For those of us looking to get fit, this can be frustrating and demotivating. One way of tackling the issue is fitness apps. However, many such apps turn out to be useless, expensive or too advanced. Luckily for you, we are one of those people who have felt lost in the gym. And these are the apps we used to help us brush our frustration away and get to working out.
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1. Nike Training Club App: Leading sports brand Nike has developed a new and improved Nike Training Club app for men and women featuring over 100 workouts and training routines created by Nike Master Trainers and demonstrated in videos. It also has an Adaptive Training feature that helps you fit a workout into a busy schedule as well as weekly workouts inspired by athletes around the world. In addition, it allows users to share pictures and tags of their progress.
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2. FitStar: One of our favourite apps, FitStar was co-created by former NFL player Tony Gonzalez who also acts as the in-app coach and does all the workouts with you. If it’s not Gonzalez doing the workouts, it is another coach. The app starts by testing your fitness level with a few workouts first to set up custom workouts for you. It also asks for your feedback on how easy or hard each exercise was in order to create future routines for you. Fitbit bought in 2015 so the app now works with selected Fitbit devices.
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3. Virtuagym Fitness: The name speaks for itself with this app. You basically workout alongside a 3D-animated personal trainer who shows you how to properly do every exercise. The trainer offers selected exercises from over 25000 workouts in the app’s database based on your fitness goals. Some pre-made workout routines can be done at the gym or at home with limited fitness gear needed.
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4. Gym Hero: On this app, you can keep a log of your exercises and create custom routines and workouts to suit you and which you can save to your personal database. It also gives you detailed workout summaries on each exercise, which muscle it works and how many calories it burns.
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5. Jefit: If you want to lift weight but have no idea what to do when you hit the gym, Jefit is the app to try. It’s simple to use and offers instruction videos as well as user-friendly ready-made workout routines such as ‘bikini season abs’ or ‘getting ripped.’ You can also create your own custom plan and keep track of your progress. Jefit also allows you to log in your sets and reps on an in-app calendar and helps you plan your rest days too.
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