5 travel ideas for Eid

This Eid, escape the swarming malls and the scorching weather and plan a vacation outside of the UAE
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1. Georgia

\nEscape the worries of the hustle and bustle of the city, and visit this spellbinding natural beauty. This enchanting country is only 3 hours and a half away from Dubai with the plus side of all UAE expats who have a valid resident visa can receive a visa on arrival. With striking landscapes, fascinating ancient ruins, mystical fortresses, beautiful mosques, and magnificent monasteries, a visit will definitely be worthwhile. Lose your way into mesmerizing labyrinth-like alleys and get to know the friendly locals.

\nMake sure not to miss out on the Narikala fortress, Mount Kazbek, Gergeti Trinity Church, and Batumi Central Mosque.
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2. Seychelles

\nLying on the Indian Ocean, rests this gorgeous archipelago on the eastern side of Africa. Only 4 hours and a half away from Dubai, this beautiful island is home to distinctive species of wildlife, exotic sandy beaches, and some good Vitamin D. With crystal clear turquoise water, towering palm trees, and hypnotic sunsets exploding with colors, this will definitely be the ultimate tropical island getaway.

\nVisit the simple La Digue Island, or stay at one of their luxurious 5 star hotels, rent out a bike, go snorkelling, diving, and experience ecotourism at its finest.
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3. Bali

\nThis exotic island, a province of Indonesia, is an eccentric place to visit. Entrance to Bali is within the reach of a free stamp on your passport, as 140 countries are on the list of free entry. Bali is part of the Coral Triangle, the area with the highest biodiversity of marine species. This island has got it all from ancient ruins to hidden waterfalls, live volcanos, exciting safaris, and underwater temples. The ultimate hotspot for adventure, it will surely treat your adrenaline fix.

\nMake sure to visit Tanah Loh, Seminyak, Uluwatu Temple, the beaches of Sanur, Tegallalang rice terraces, and Bali Safari and Marine Park.
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4. Greece

\nResting on the southern tip of the Balkan Peninsula, Greece is strategically located at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Arica. It has long had the reputation for being a holiday favourite among the crowd. Both family-friendly and a treat to the single traveller, this country is never a one stop destination. From the beautiful scenery of white and turquoise houses on the hills, to the donkey rides across the islands, rich sandy beaches, and historic artefacts, one can never get enough.

\nVisit Santorini for a one in a lifetime experience, great yachts and thrilling water sports. If you’re looking for a quieter getaway and to live your Greek fantasy but without the crowds, check out Folegrandos. Delphi, is suggested for all the history lovers and adventure seekers.
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5. Morocco

\nWith a lengthy coastline along the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea and a rugged mountainous landscape, Morocco is home to an amusing experience. Known for its enigmatic deserts, sunny beaches, and extraordinary mountains, it is known to be a tourist magnet. With a curiosity to explore its markets, visit its alleyways of the old city, and go on a desert safari, there will never be a dull moment in Morocco.

\nThe range of activities in Morocco are endless from hiking up North Africa’s highest mountain (Mt. Toubkal) at 4,167 metres, visiting Casablanca’s beaches, going stargazing in Merzouga Desert, or riding a hot air balloon over the Atlas Mountains and experiencing an exquisite view.
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By Alia Abouraya