5 under-the-radar summer getaways

Because we all need a little bit of peace and privacy
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Sometimes we just want to experience the real heart of a country without being surrounded by masses of (other) tourists. If you feel the same way – or happen to be an ultra-famous celebrity – you will appreciate these under-the-radar summer getaways with uncrowded beach shores and mountain forests.
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Hainan, China: China is not the first place that crossed our minds when we thoughts about vacations, but the country’s Hainan Island is almost the perfect private getaway. It has an average temperature of 25 degrees Celsius and features coconut palms and sandy beaches paired with luxury hotels and resorts. Visitors to Hainan are mostly local Chinese who escape the country’s high pollution. 61 percent of China’s largest island is made up of tropical forest, making it a stress-relieving destination for tourists who want a stress-relieving vacation.
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Herdade da Comporta, Portugal: It is rumoured that the world’s celebrities head to this 12,500 hectare area for privacy and a chance of pure, undeveloped beach shores. Herdade da Comporta is not filled with 5-star hotels but rather bohemian-style huts where natural reserves and rice fields lay close by. Made up of so-called "sleepy fishing villages", the area is a relaxing and intimate destination. We think it is best for individuals looking to reconnect with nature and themselves while getting away from the bustling city life. The average temperature in this secluded paradise is 24 degrees Celsius.
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Montenegro, Europe: This historically-rich Balkan country has a much quieter summer season but is equally impressive as its neighbouring touristic country Croatia. Filled with 12th and 15th century architecture, it is a great choice for art-lovers and enthusiasts who enjoy walking through medieval villages with a backdrop of forest-filled mountains and blue waters. Montenegro is also famous for its wildlife and glacier lakes.
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The French Lake District: If you’re tired of the usual crowded touristic beach destinations, opt for the French Lake District. It is filled with clean beaches and well-kept nature set against a backdrop of mountains. Visitors to the region can find countless private shores for a picnic and dip in the waters. It is also known for its fresh seafood and affordable beachside dining. Its average temperature is 23 degrees Celsius.
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Kiso Valley, Japan: Asia has some of the world’s most beautiful uncrowded attractions, and one of them is Japan’s Kiso Valley, situated beside the Kiso River. Made up mostly of wooden houses, this hidden gem is probably one of the most intimate destinations on the list. It boasts a ‘car-free’ main street and everything from waterfalls to souvenir shops. We say, Japan is always a good idea for those seeking unconventional getaways.
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