7 useful apps for the global Muslim

Apps such as Scan Halal helps users discover items that are halal
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If you’re a Muslim with a busy lifestyle, a number of apps exist make your life a whole lot easier. Find out how through our list of 7 useful apps for the global Muslim.
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Quran Companion

\n\nWhile many Muslims are interested in memorising the Quran, few can dedicate full-time studying to do so. Thus, several apps have been launched to help those interested in learning the holy book by heart. One such app is Quran Companion. Though it acts as an audio recitation tool, it also educates users through games and group challenges.
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\n\nIf you’re visiting the United States and don’t know where to grab a halal bite, Zabihah app can help. Users can open the app, shake their phones and voila! They’ll find all the halal eateries, as well as other outlets including mosques and markets, that are located within a 50 mile radius.
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\n\nModest fashion app Modanisa offers conservative fashion for Muslim women and allows users to shop in six different languages. The Turkey-based brand ships to GCC countries and a number of locations across the world.
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Islamic GPS

\n\nAn augmented reality app, Islamic GPS allows users to see Islamic sites across the world simply by holding up their phone camera and moving it at 360 degrees. It’s meant to help Muslims who cannot visit the religious sites experience them online.
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Salam: Hajj & Umrah Guide

\n\nThis Dubai-based app helps guide pilgrims through the Hajj and Umrah process “step by step.” Furthermore, it has been ranked among the top ten apps in Travel in Apples App Store in 59 countries.
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Islamophobia Watch Australia

\n\nIf you’re travelling to the land down under and are worried about Islamophobia, Islamophobia Watch Australia gathers data on the matter in the country and also shows where related incidents have occurred on a map. It also includes a case referral system for victims of Islamophobia.
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Scan Halal

\n\nIf you are a Muslim visiting the West, you can use Scan Halal to find out which products are or are not appropriate for consumption. Users can open the app, scan a product and wait for the app to notify them if the item is halal or not.
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By Lubna Hamdan