8 tips for mums getting back to work

Mums@Work initiative talks to Arabian Business on tips for working mothers
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Being a working mother is hard, but it’s even more challenging if you’re a mother who’s been out of the business world for a while and looking to get back in the game. That’s why we thought it best to talk to initiatives such as Mums@Work, which provides women in the GCC with flexible career opportunities in line with their hectic schedules, for tips on the best ways to find work after motherhood.

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Know what you want
\nIt’s most important to know what kind of work you want to do - and we mean everything from the type of industry to the company and the role you are aiming for. And while you might not want the same things after motherhood as you wanted pre-family, experts at Mums@Work say that is okay. “There’s nothing wrong with that. This is your chance to focus on what is right for you and your family,” they say.

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Find great childcare
\nIt’s fairly difficult to go back to work and leave your child at home, but finding the right childcare will significantly help. Find tried and tested care for your child either at home or through a nursery or school and you can head out the door with ease of mind.

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Don’t feel guilty about working
\nA lot of working mothers can feel guilty for not spending as much time with their children as stay-at-home mothers do. But experts insist that working parents are also good models for children because they teach them about hard work, dedication and sacrifice.

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Choose a credible recruitment company
\nMums@Work recommends putting doing your research when it comes to choosing recruitment companies. For example, find out if the company has a solid background, if its team is experienced and if it has a strong client network that will increase your chances of getting a good job.

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Network at every chance you get
\nBeing a mother means you may not have a lot of time to spare for social outings, so you should network at any chance you get. Mums@Work advises against rekindling old contacts and making new ones in a mothers’ community instead. Who knows who you might meet at the school sports day or the next kid’s birthday party?

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Social media is key
\nWhether you like it or not, social media can be a great tool and extension of your personal brand. Many a companies now have a look at your channels to get a feel for who you really are. So do put in that extra effort on your social pages, such as updating your LinkedIn profile and posting new professional content.

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Dress to impress
\nThere’s no excuse to not dress well. Even if you’re busy, you can put on a well-tailored suit or formal wear for work. Mums@Work recommends dressing conservatively until you judge the style of the office environment you’re in to avoid feeling out of place during your first few days.

Thu 26 May 2016 04:28 PM GST
By Lubna Hamdan