8 ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve

New York-style or private yacht party – take your pick
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Planning your New Year celebration is a tough call. You don’t want to go to a place only to find out that it’s too crowded and has bad food. You don’t want to spend hours coming up with a fun idea only to find out it’s undoable. And you certainly don’t want to start your New Year with a bad experience – no matter the situation.

\nLuckily, we’ve got you covered. Here are 8 New Year experiences that are bound to be fun!
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1. Celebrate in New York-style

\nRooftop lounge 40 Kong is famous for having a New York-style feel because it resembles the Big Apple’s high-levelled venues. Located on the 40th floor of the H Hotel, 40 Kong boasts 360 views of Dubai, giving the advantage of an up-close view of Downtown fireworks. For New Year, the lounge is hosting a black-tie party with a set menu and open bar. Prices start at $218 (AED 800) per person.
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2. Dance your way to 2016

\nOn New Year, most nightclubs are better left untested - they get too crowded and too wild. However, we’ll make an exception for People by Crystal. It is one club that keeps the party entertaining but under control, we’ve tried and tested. Also, the club’s Dubai branch is made out of a glass pyramid structure on top of Raffles hotel. So, not only is it a pretty venue, but it offers great views of the night’s fireworks. For New Year, Crystal will host a Hip Hop and RnB night with Mister Shef and DJ Bliss. Prices for walk-ins start at $68 (AED 250) and prices for table packages start at $545 (AED 2,000).
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3. New Year at the beach (party)

\nWelcoming the New Year on a beach is one thing – welcoming it at a beach party is another. It’s like having the better of two worlds. On one side, you have serene water for peaceful solitude (well, aside from the loud music in the background) and on the other, an open-air clubbing experience. If that sounds like your kind of celebration, head down to Eden beach club at Rixos, where electro house duo Miriam and Olivia Nervo will perform for New Year’s Eve. Restaurant package prices start at $327 (AED 1,200) while table package prices start at $2,178 (AED 8,000).
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4. Desert fireworks and entertainment

\nIf you love the desert as much as we do, you’ll like New Year at a desert resort like Bab Al Shams. The two good things about this choice is that 1. You’ll enjoy a nice dinner with belly dancers, shisha, and traditional Arabic music as entertainment. And 2. You’ll get a private fireworks show from the resort. But there’s another secret upside to being in the desert – you can drive away to your own private location if the noise and crowd are a little too loud and too much. Or, opt for a private desert celebration in the first place.
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5. Private yacht in the sea

\nWe think that this is a plain, genius idea for New Year celebrations. It’s not wallet-friendly, but it’s genius. First, you get a view of fireworks from the middle of the sea (or wherever you want to take your yacht), and you get privacy – something almost impossible to get when out and about on New Year. The best part about this is the calmness and serenity of the water surrounding you. Isn’t the best way to start 2016? If quiet celebrations are not your cup of tea, rent it out with a couple of friends and make it as loud as you want.
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6. Circus extravaganza at Cirque Le Soir

\nOkay, so we’ll have to make ANOTHER club exception this year. But that’s just because Cirque Le Soir is unlike any club in Dubai. It’s a show and a party in one. You dance alongside fire eaters, sword swallowers, acrobats, clowns, and more. It probably won’t get wilder than the Cirque on New Year. Nonetheless, the club keeps it secure and safe on the event. Cirque is located at the Fairmont on Sheikh Zayed Road, so you’ll need to get there early. Oh, and be sure to grab some popcorn on your way out – yes, there’s a pop machine at the exit, and entrance.
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7. A classy dinner at Pierchic

\nCall us boring but we’d love to spend New Year at a classy restaurant with great food. One option for that is Pierchic – and it’s not just because of the food. If you haven’t heard of it before, it’s a wooden structured venue located in the middle of the sea. The best part? It’s facing Burj Al Arab – which means an up-close and personal experience with the fireworks – a good one, that is.
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8. Our favourite celebration – at home

\nMany view New Year celebrations at home as “boring,” but welcoming 2016 at home with family is irreplaceable. Why? Because it’s your family. And if that’s not good enough for you, here are three more reasons: 1. You’ll beat New Year traffic. 2. You’ll beat New Year traffic. 3. You’ll beat New Year traffic. Oh, if you’re not spending it with family, you can spend it in bed, getting a good night’s sleep for all those sleepless 2015 nights. You’ll welcome 2016 in a good mood, not a party aftermath.
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