A guide to Dubai’s business lunches

Because business lunches are a must for businesspeople.
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Business lunches are a given in any businessperson’s work routine. But unless you’re familiar with Dubai’s business hot spots, they’re hard to come by. Luckily, we’ve rounded up the best business lunches in the city so you don’t have to waste your time looking.
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If you like Japanese food:Try Toko’s Joto Lunch Menu. For AED 85, you get a 4 course meal that includes miso soup, seared beef, smoked salmon, and a selection of maki and nigari to name a few. The Japanese restaurant is located in Vida hotel, Downtown Dubai.
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If you’re a fan of Indian food:Or even if you’re not, you have to try Mint Leaf of London’s business lunch – its food is that good. It offers a package of two courses starting at AED 80 and a package of three courses starting at AED 99. The main dishes include traditional Indian plates like chicken tikka and lamb kebab and each main comes with a vegetarian side, steamed rice, and naan bread. The restaurant and lounge is located in DIFC.
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If you want to impress someone:Take them to the business lunch at Intersect by Lexus in DIFC. Forget the food for a minute – this venue is impressive solely based on its design. Oh, and the Lexus car model placed as mere decoration. Intersect’s business lunch is AED 90 for two courses and AED 110 for three courses. Dishes include roasted quail, prawns, and an assortment of sandwiches.
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If you want to try one of Dubai’s best Asian cuisines:Opt for Novikov’s business lunch. Located in Grand Sheraton on Sheikh Zayed Road, Novikov is a Russian concept that serves Asian food, and boy is it good. Novikov’s business lunch is AED 125 for two starters and a main course and its options include a selection of maki and nigari, salmon tacos, shojin tempura, and beef fillet to name a few.
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If you’re a healthy person:Then you have to try Fümé’s business lunch at Pier 7 or Downtown Dubai. Not only does its menu boat healthy options like vegetable salad, smoked salmon, and smoked butter chicken, it’s also just AED 30 for one course and AED 72 for two courses plus coffee. Talk about a good deal.
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If you love Italian food as much as we do:Try Roberto’s in DIFC. It’s an all-time favourite when it comes to business lunches. For AED 119 for 2 courses and AED 149 for 3 courses, you get a luxury dining experience. Roberto’s is always changing its menu for the business lunch, but right now, it serves pumpkin potato soup, wagyu beef, veal, and pasta dishes amongst others.
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If you want to close a deal:It’s best to take your meeting to Zuma. Not only is the business lunch delicious and up to high standards, the venue itself is highly impressive and business-smart. It’s especially filled with suit-wearing businessmen and women at lunch hour. The Japanese venue in DIFC offers a deal of AED 130 per person. The package comes with a miso soup, two starters, and one main course. Dishes include a sushi selection, beef tartare, and meat steak.
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If you want to go somewhere chic and fashionable:Then go for Gaucho in DIFC. You’ll be staring at this place’s interior design for days. Designed in black and white, Gaucho is edgy, modern, and serves great food. For its business lunch, it offers 2 courses for AED 120 and 3 courses for AED 150. Its dishes include rib-eye steak and pesto linguini amongst others.
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By Lubna Hamdan