A politicised Arab youth

Arab youngsters want democracy and a voice, show key findings from the third ASDA’A Burson-Marsteller Arab Youth Survey
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Of 2,000 youngsters polled, 92 percent said living in a democratic country was very important
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The vast majority - 89% - of respondents said domestic stability was key to them
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A vast majority of youths - 75 - say Gaddafi must go
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Some 78 percent believe those protesting in Arab states represent the majority view of those in the country
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The rising cost of living is a concern for 62 percent of respondents
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Some 74 percent see the protests sweeping the Arab world as a positive step
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Lebanon showed the highest support for Arab protests, with 74 percent of respondents giving their backing to the uprisings
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Uprisings are causing a shift towards more liberal political views - more than 50 percent said they supported liberal policies
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Nearly 60 percent said they were concerned about the quality of education available in the Middle East
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More than 60 percent said they were very concerned about corruption in government and public life