AB Rich List: the year's biggest gainers revealed

The world's 50 richest Arabs have defied the global economic woes to build their wealth in 2011
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Kuwait-based Al Kharafi family's wealth is estimated to be worth $8.7bn. This is a 6.09% rise over last year (above) Badr Al Kharafi
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\With a substantial recent cash injection into his group, Mohammed bin Issa Al Jaber’s total wealth has now risen to $12.75bn. This has risen 6.25% from $12bn last year
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Issam Alzahid is the chairman of the Alzahid Group of Companies. His estimated wealth grew 7% this year - from $10bn to $10.7bn
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Bahaa Hariri's wealth is estimated at around $3.35bn, a rise of 11.67% over last year ($3bn)
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Adel Aujan's wealth is estimated at $3.25bn (12% increase over last year). On Dec 14, Coca-Cola announced it has taken a $980m stake in Saudi drinks giant owned by Aujan
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The Sawiris family members are famous in the region both for their wealth and their business acumen. Their estimated wealth is $4.2bn (rise of 18.3% over last year)
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Majid Al Futtaim, the developer of Dubai's Mall of the Emirates had a good year despite the region's slowdown in construction. His estimated new worth rose 18% to $5.8bn
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Sulaiman Al Rajhi is considered by many to be one of the founding fathers of the Saudi banking industry. His wealth is estimated to be worth $5.95bn, registering a 30.19% increase over last year
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Ranked 36th on our list, Ayman Hariri has $3.15bn estimated wealth, a rise of 30.7% over last year
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A revaluation of Kuwait-based Bukhamseen family’s assets resulted in them becoming the year’s highest gainers — in particular its sizeable shareholdings in First Gulf Bank and Kuwait International Bank. It estimated wealth is $7.25bn, a rise of 81.25% over last year