Abu Dhabi leads the world's richest wealth funds

Oil-rich Abu Dhabi's investment arm leads from the front with an estimated $627bn of assets
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At No.1 is Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (UAE), with estimated assets of $627bn\n(Source for all data: SWF Institute)
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China's SAFE Investment Company is ranked at No 2, with estimated assets worth $567.9bn
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At No.3 is Norway-based \nGovernment Pension Fund – Global. Its estimated assets are worth $560bn
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Saudi Arabia's SAMA Foreign Holdings (rank 4) has estimated assets worth $472.5bn
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With $409.6bn estimated assets, China Investment Corporation is the world's fifth biggest sovereign wealth fund, according to SWF Institute
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Kuwait Investment Authority has estimated assets worth $296bn. It ranks at No.6
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Seventh-ranked Hong Kong\nHong Kong Monetary Authority Investment Portfolio owns estimated assets worth $293.3bn
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Government of Singapore Investment Corporation comes in at rank 8, with $247.5bn estimated assets
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With $157.2bn estimated wealth, Singapore\nTemasek Holdings stands at No 9
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China's National Social Security Fund holds estimated assets worth $134.5bn. It ranks at No 10, according to data updated by SWF Institute in Dec 2011