Abu Dhabi's leaning hotel gears up for December launch

Five-star Hyatt Capital Gate hotel in the world's furthest leaning tower to open its doors this month
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Abu Dhabi’s Hyatt Capital Gate Hotel, located in the world’s furthest leaning manmade tower, will open this month
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The project was delayed after the fit out and construction proved a bigger and more costly challenge than expected
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The Capital Gate Tower leans 18 degrees westward, more than five times the angle of Italy’s Leaning Tower of Pisa
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It was scheduled to open two years ago
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The hotel will open to the public on December 21 and an official opening celebration will take place early next year
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The Hyatt-branded five-star hotel consists of floors 18 to 33 of the mixed use tower and will include 189 rooms, including 22 suites
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The hotel will also include a spa on the 19th floor and a restaurant called 18 Degrees, which will be on the 18th floor
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The opening rates will start at AED1050 ($219)
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The hotel is Hyatt’s first in Abu Dhabi and will occupy an area in excess of 25,000 square metres