Arabs ruling the Retail Industry

Meet the men and women behind some of the world's biggest brands, as revealed in the Power 500 list
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Rank 20. Mohammed Alshaya. Country: Kuwait/Kuwait. Industry: Retail\n
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Rank 86: Nayla Hayek. Country: Switzerland/Lebanon\nIndustry: Retail
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Rank 109: Patrick Chalhoub. Country: UAE/Syria. Industry: Retail
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Rank 130: Adel Aujan. Country: Saudi Arabia/Saudi Arabia. Industry: Retail
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168. Raja Easa Al Gurg. Country: UAE/UAE. Industry: Retail
48.-Abdul Mohsen Bin Abdul Aziz Al Hokair.jpg
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385. Abdul Mohsen Al Hokair. Country: Saudi Arabia/Saudi Arabia. Industry: Retail
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Rank 446. Faisal Jawad Country: Bahrain/Bahrain. Industry: Retail\n
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