Bahraini Shi’ites protests against F1 Grand Prix

Protest was the first in a week of daily demonstrations planned to last through the end of the Grand Prix race scheduled for April 22
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Three Bahraini teenagers were wounded at a post-funeral rally late on Friday, the Gulf Arab country's opposition said, on the same day that Formula One organizers said the Bahrain Grand Prix motor race scheduled in a week's time would go ahead. (AFP/Getty Images)
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Mohammed Abdul Aziz, 14, was wounded by what appeared to be shotgun pellets, Habib Sroor, 16, was injured in the arm and eye and Sadiq Riyad, 15, had severe head injuries, a representative of Wefaq, Bahrain's main opposition group, said on Saturday. (AFP/Getty Images)
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"He (Abdul Aziz) is stable. He is in Salmaniya ICU and his family met with him," said another Wefaq spokesman, referring to one of the main hospitals in the Bahraini capital, Manama. The two others were in the same hospital. (AFP/Getty Images)
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A government official said on Saturday the information ministry was aware of the reports but could not verify any details. (AFP/Getty Images)
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They were apparently wounded during clashes between police and mourners at the funeral of a man shot during an anti-government protest two weeks ago, in Salmabad just outside Manama. (AFP/Getty Images)
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Petrol bombs were thrown towards the police, who kept their distance and used tear gas, according to a Reuters photographer. (AFP/Getty Images)
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The clashes took place hours after the International Automobile Federation (FIA) gave the green light for the Formula One event to go ahead. It was cancelled in Bahrain last year after a violent crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrators. (AFP/Getty Images)
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Formula One's commercial rights holder Bernie Ecclestone said earlier on Friday the race was "200 percent" certain to go ahead. "All the teams are happy to be there," he added. "There's nothing happening. I know people who live there and it's all very quiet and peaceful." (AFP/Getty Images)