Banking/Finance sector: Gulf's most powerful Indians

The region's most influential Indians who have set the standard in the banking sector
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3. V Shankar was appointed as the CEO of Standard Chartered for Europe, Middle East, Africa and Americas in May 2010
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40. Ashok Gupta, the CEO of GCC operations for the Bank of Baroda, he is leading the Indian lender's expansion across the Middle East
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59. R Seetharaman, CEO of Doha Bank since 2007 and the winner of several awards, including Best Arab Asian Banker 2006
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62. Mustafa Vayazil is the founder and managing director of Gargash Insurance and one of the leading brokers in the Middle East
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64. Rohit Walia set up Bank Sarasin-Alpen and Alpen Capital in 2005 at DIFC and has since expanded operations for both to Doha, Muscat and Mumbai
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66. Manoj Prasad, CEO and managing director of Signature Capital PTE, which now has over $1bn worth of assets under management
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