Being Paris Hilton

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Paris Hilton caused a stir from the moment she arrived in Dubai after announcing on the social networking site Twitter that she would not be appearing at a nightclub launch as previously advertised. The American heiress is in the city to find her BFF (Best Friend Forever) as part of a reality TV series. (Getty Images)
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Heir to the Hilton Hotel fortune, the socialite is a businesswoman in her own right, capable of making millions of dollars by just showing her face at an event, restaurant or club. (Getty Images)
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Hilton pundits are divided into two camps; those who attribute her media success to the blonde leading the blonde, and those who argue the airhead heiress is a globetrotting workaholic and the most underrated branding guru out there. (Getty Images)
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In 2006, Forbes magazine estimated her yearly earnings at $7m and her business profits are now said to outweigh her inheritance. (Getty Images)
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Hilton posted a gushing endorsement of Emirates Airline on Twitter, alongside photographs of her first class cabin, which were estimated to have earned the airline $1.5m in publicity. She posted the comment 'huge' next to this picture. (Paris Hilton)
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Another snap, this time of her inflight bed. Hilton's 'tweets' are read by almost 200,000 followers, including fans, media and other celebrities. (Paris Hilton)
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