Best apps for Ramadan

As the Holy Month approaches we delve into app stores for a selection of tools to assist
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As the Holy Month draws near, we wish you Ramadan Kareem and present this selection of tech tools to help you.
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QURAN READER (iOS): Helps with readings from the Holy Book.
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SUN AND MOON (iOS): A GPS-enabled app that shows sunrise/sunset and moonrise/moonset times.
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RAMADAN 2015/1436 (Android): Includes a calendar for the holy month; informs users of key times, such as those for prayers, Imsak and Iftar, for more than 251 countries and 6m cities; ideal for travelling as it auto-detects the city; Allows the saving of miss days.
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RAMADAN DUAS (Android): Contains authentic Duas for each Ashra and more; includes translation options.
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RAMADAN 2015 (Android): Information about Suhoor and Iftar timings; allows selection of city; includes Suhoor and Iftar alerts; covers ‘all major cities’; app may contain ads.
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RAMADAN SONGS (Android): A sizeable collection of Ramadan Songs.
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RAMADAN TIMES (iOS): Worldwide Iftar/Suhoor alarm; works on both iPhone and iPad; claims ‘highly accurate method’, used by US Naval Observatory, for calculation of sunrise/sunset/twilight; includes options for high-latitude time calculations; countdowns to Iftar/Suhoor; monthly view for Ramadan timings; Hijri (Islamic) calendar.
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RAMADAN RECIPES (iOS): Learn how to cook new meals for Suhoor and Iftar.
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RAMADAN 2015 (Android): Includes prayer times, Qibla compass, 99 names of Allah (Asna Al-Husna), Ramadan Duas and each day's Suhoor and Iftar times.
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QIBLA AR (iOS): An augmented-reality app that finds you the location of the Kaaba wherever you are.