Breakfast on the go: Where to get a quick bite on busy Dubai mornings

Check out our top options for that first meal of the day in a hurry
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We all know that feeling of driving to work on an empty stomach and wishing for breakfast to magically appear in front of us. Stop wishing and check out our list of seven spots where you can grab a super-quick bite to eat or take it to go.
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Eggspectation: What else would you eggspect other than an eggspectacular breakfast? Jokes aside, this place has quick and pleasant breakfast options that will keep you feeling full for a good few hours. Two of its signature dishes include the blueberry pancakes and smoked salmon benny, which comprises two poached eggs on multigrain toast and a handful of fresh fruits (which you can keep for a later snack). Eggspectation is located at The Beach in Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) and offers takeaways.
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Tim Hortons: If you want a quicker breakfast, head to Tim Hortons and grab their turkey caesar sandwich and ice cappuccino. The combination of the turkey’s slightly sour taste and the cappuccino’s sweet flavour is food heaven. The coffee shop has locations across Dubai including JBR and Meadows.
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Pascal Tepper: Want an even quicker breakfast? French bakery Pascal Tepper in Dubai Media City makes great coffee and has the best croissants in the area. Their service is fast and you’ll gulp down the coffee and croissant even faster.
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Zaatar W Zeit: An Arabic-style breakfast is nowhere near fast – you have the table spread with Arabic labneh, halloumi cheese, fresh leaves, cucumber, bread, and more. But there’s one forgotten element that’s particularly fast: manakeesh. In other words: mouth-watering sandwiches baked with light Arabic bread. You can have them with cheese or zaater or anything really. Zaatar W Zeit is located across Dubai in areas including Meadows, JBR, and Sheikh Zayed Road. Did we mention that they deliver?
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Pappa Roti: Warning: you could get addicted to this breakfast. Pappa Roti is famous for its buttery bread buns that are made of dough so soft you’ll keep wanting for more. As you can tell, we’re obsessed. It offers a breakfast alternative to croissant and coffee – a bun with tea (or other drink). We particularly like their ginger milk tea. The outlet is located across Dubai including Jumeirah’s Sunset Mall.
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The Food Box: Starving but don’t want to be the only one having breakfast at your desk? Order breakfast for the whole team with The Food Box! The outlet basically offers a box filled with Arabic-style breakfast dishes including labneh with cucumber sticks and manakeesh. The best part? It delivers.
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Paul: This isn’t the fastest place for breakfast – except when it comes to its french toast. Okay, so the cafe calls it dessert, but have you tried the delicacy for breakfast? It’s made with eggs after all. We recommend this for a takeaway bite – fast to make, fast to eat and fast to satisfy your taste buds. Paul is located across Dubai, including JBR.
Tue 16 Aug 2016 12:50 PM GST
By Lubna Hamdan