Can’t afford to buy a luxury car? Opt to rent one instead

From Ferraris to Lamborghinis, fake it as a millionaire with these luxury daily car rentals
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Whether to impress your family or friends, or just test the speed limits on the roads, here's the cost of renting a luxury car in Dubai. This BMW 5 Series luxury car can be rented out at AED750, or ($204.15) per day\nAll prices courtesy of
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This stylish BMW Z4 Convertible can also be rented out the same rate: AED750 per day
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If a convertible isn't your style, you could opt for an Audi Q7, paying AED850 ($231.37) per day
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A Mercedes SLK can be rented out for AED850 ($231.37) per day
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A Hummer H2 will cost you AED950 ($258.59) per day
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For AED1300 ($353.86), you can drive a luxury Audi A8
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For the same rate, you could also drive a BMW X5 out of the showroom
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The Mercedes S Class also comes in at AED1,300 ($353.86) a day
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The sleek Porsche Cayenne S is a snip at AED1,300 ($353.86) a day
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For around AED50 higher, at AED1,350 ($367.47), you can zoom down the Sheikh Zayed Road in a Range Rover Sport
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Moving up the price range, the BMW M3 Convertible will set you back AED1,700 ($462.74) day
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Rent an Audi R8 for AED2,500 ($680.5) per day
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If you are willing to shell out a massive AED4,000 ($1088.8) a day, this Porsche Panamera could be yours
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Fans of Bentley can rent this GT model for AED5,000 ($1361)
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This stunning Ferrari F430 Spyder can be rented for AED5,000 ($1361) a day
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And if you want to rent out a Lamborghini Gallardo, be prepared to fork out AED5,000 ($1361) per day
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At the top of the scale, an Aston Martin DB9 comes in at a massive AED6,500 ($1769.3) a day
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A Bentley GTC can be rented out at the same rate: AED6,500 ($1769.3) per day
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The rental rate for a Rolls Royce Drophead is AED7,500 ($2041.5) per day
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And for this stunning Lamborghini Murcielago Spyder, be ready to splash out AED8,500 ($2313.7) a day