Challengers to the Burj Dubai's crown

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The proposed Mubarak al-Kabir Tower in Kuwait City, Kuwait, will measure 1001 metres when completed. It is expected to take 25 years to build.
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Built on the grounds of the World Trade Centre, the Freedom Tower in New York City, US, will stand at 541 metres when completed in 2011.
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Russia Tower in Moscow, Russia, is expected to be 610 metres high when it is finished in 2011.
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The approved Incheon Tower in Incheon, South Korea, is set to measure 640 metres when it is finished in 2010.
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The Chicago Spire in Chicago, US, has been approved for construction and will stand at 610 metres when it is completed in 2010.
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The International Business Center in Seoul, South Korea, has been approved and will be 580 metres when construction is finished.
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The Lotte Super Tower is an approved skyscraper ready to start construction in Seoul, South Korea. The skyscraper will be 555 metres.
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The Port Tower Complex in Karachi, Pakistan, is to be 593 metres tall.