Chilean miners rescued

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Rescue operations for the 33 men trapped underground began on Wednesday, as Chile, and the rest of a captivated world, watched on. (Getty Images)
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The miners, 32 Chileans and one Bolivian, spent 69 days trapped in a safe room, 600 metres underground. (Getty Images)
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Family members waited anxiously for the rescue capsule carrying the first miner to emerge from the mine. (Getty Images)
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The rescue plan indicated that the men in the best condition would be lifted out first, so as to be able to provide rescuers with information on conditions and the health of the miners. (Getty Images)
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Large crowds gathered as news of the rescue attempt spread, as well wishers and onlookers gathered to celebrate the successful rescue. (Getty Images)
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Florencio Avalos was the first miner to reach the surface at 03:11 GMT. (Getty Images)
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The huge media coverage of the event caused chaos as well, with journalists fighting to reach the miners first and trampling the Avalos family tent, that had housed the miner's family, during the long wait. (Getty Images)
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So far, 15 of the trapped miners have been rescued with the operation on schedule to finish on track before sunrise on Thursday morning. (Getty Images)
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