China's first capsule hotel to open in Shanghai

Hotel targets budget-conscious travellers, divides rooms depending on guest snoring
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The 300-square-meter (yard) Xitai Capsule Hotel is located close to one of Shanghai's busy railway stations and consists of 68 beds (Getty Images)
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Capsule hotels, whose rooms have just enough space for sleeping and no more, were first started in Japan as a cheap way to house "salarymen" (Getty Images)
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The rooms can comfortably fit most Chinese guests as the no-frills capsules measure 2.2 meters (yards) in length, with a height and width of 1.1 meters (yards) (Getty Images)
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Each capsule room is equipped with electrical sockets, adjustable lights, clocks with alarm functions, television sets and internet services (Getty Images)
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The hotel is only open to male guests and targeting single travelers who are looking to spend less, about one-third or two-thirds less than the prices of a regular hotel (Getty Images)
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Room rates start from a basic 28 yuan ($4.22) per person for up to 10 hours with an additional hourly charge of 4 yuan ($0.60) (Getty Images)
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The hotel is likely to be officially open in a few months' time as the owner of the hotel is still working to complete the paperwork and inspections needed for such accommodations with the local government. Local media reported that the authorities are still considering his application, with concerns about fire safety and personal security risks (Getty Images)
Mon 17 Jan 2011 11:10 AM GST