Coffee Guide: Where to get the best caffeine fix in Dubai

For all the coffee lovers out there
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Coffee lovers would agree that a cup of coffee is more than just caffeine consumption for the purpose of a rush of energy. Rather, it is a process that awakens the senses - the sound of the brewing, the smell of the beans, and the eruption of taste buds. So if you take your coffee cup as seriously as we do, here are 5 places to get the best caffeine fix in Dubai.
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Café Rider Custom Motorcycles: Located in a warehouse in Al Quoz, Café Rider is not your typical coffee café. It is mainly a custom motorbike workshop that features exotic motorbikes and sells exclusive gear. But the best part about it is the organic specialty coffee that is left to brew slowly in front of you.
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Common Grounds: You know coffee at Common Grounds in Mall of the Emirates is going to be good when the name behind it is popular coffee café Tom&Serg. But there is also something heartfelt and artistic in the way the baristas at the café make the coffee – maybe that is why it is oh-so-good.
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Seven Fortunes: So you are not a fan of café? Head down to this hidden gem of a coffee roastery in Al Quoz. Seven Fortunes provides coffee beans for numerous cafés across Dubai so there is little doubt their coffee will not satisfy your taste buds. The joint also has ultra-cool coffee gear.
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The Espresso Lab: This Dubai-based café and roastery is located in Jumeirah’s The Hundred Wellness Centre – and it really looks like a lab, especially when the baristas start making the coffee. If we can describe the cup of coffee served in this joint it would be something like ‘an outburst of flavour.’
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Leopold’s of London: Besides having a great sea view, cosy interiors and a mouth-watering organic menu, Leopold’s of London serves a brilliant (and unique) cup of specialty coffee. To give you a taste of their offering, their coffee choices include touches of chilli, dark chocolate, and cinnamon.
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By Lubna Hamdan