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A woman displays the latest 3.5-inch 1,000 GB Hitachi hard drive during Computex. Hitachi was one of a number of international vendors that attended this year’s show, which featured 2,926 booths from 1,333 companies.
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A visitor looks at the latest Nanya DRAM, a 1.5V low-voltage DRAM that provides the world’s lowest working temperature. Computex attracted more than 136,000 visitors this year, drawn by components as well as complete products.
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A woman displays the latest Apacer 128GB solid state drive (SSD) during the show. Unlike other technology shows, Computex showcases components, reflecting the interest in the show from contract and OEM manufacturers.
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A woman displays a fan showing a digital display of the room temperature at Computex. Exotic products are very much a stock-in-trade for the event, with companies showcasing a wide range of products.
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A man displays a Nonomars solar backpack equipped with a 5V/1000mA Lithium battery to power cell phone, PDA and MP3 players. A number of solar powered devices were displayed at the show, with companies keen to show off their environmentally friendly credentials.
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A woman takes a photo of new digital photo frames allowing a user to display pictures taken directly from their camera. Up to one third of pictures taken using digital cameras are never printed.
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A man looks at a display showing various motherboards at the show. With motherboards having played such an important role in the development of Taiwan’s IT industry, the products always attract attention.
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A man demonstrates a waterproof personal digital assistant (PDA) and notebook, made by Crete Systems. Computex is a good place to find products that you will not see at other shows – possibly with good reason.
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A man looks at an Acer personal digital assistant (PDA). Acer is Taiwan’s most high-profile IT company, and traditionally has a strong presence at the show.
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