Construction builds the wealth of world's richest Arabs

Building boom helps bolsters the coffers of some of the Arab world's leading conglomerates
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Mohamed Elkhereiji (No.43) saw his net worth hit by 13.33% - it stood at $2.6bn this year, compared with\t$3bn this year
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Bahaa Hariri's wealth is estimated at around $3.35bn, a rise of 11.67% over last year ($3bn)
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Bakr Bin Ladin (No.8), founder of the kingdom’s Binladin Group, who saw his estimated wealth drop from $9.8bn in 2010 to $7.25bn this year
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With estimated wealth of $6.5bn, Said Khoury (right) ranks at No.10 on our list. He is the founder of Consolidated Contractors International Company (CCC), one of the first Arab construction companies
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No.28: Saad Hariri is estimated to be worth $3.8bn
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No.21: Sheikh Abdullah Al Rushaid is the owner of the Al Rushaid company. His estimated net worth is $4.6bn
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No. 42: Syrian-born Wafic Said is the chairman of Said Holding Limited, a Bermuda-based holding company with investments in Europe, North America and the Far East. His net worth is $2.7bn
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No.22: Qatar-based Omar Hamad Almana ($4.5bn) set up the Almana Group in 1961. The holding company currently represents some of the world’s biggest firms in the Gulf state, including the Ford Motor Company, Chrysler, Dodge & Jeep, Peugeot, IBM, Coca-Cola and KFC.
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No.47: Zamil Family's activities span industrial and commercial\ninterests, making its mark on everything from air-conditioning manufacturing to food processing, steel fabrication and travel services.\nIt's net worth is estimated to be $2.4bn
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No.9: The Bugshan family owns a business empire of epic proportions. Based in Jeddah, they are associated with a plethora of business sectors, including automobiles, luxury cosmetics and watches, construction, real estate and electronics.It's estimated net worth is $7bn\n
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Egypt's Mohammed Shafik Gabr is at No.50, with estimated wealth of $2bn
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At No.4 with $10.7bn estimated wealth, Issam Alzahid ranks at No.4. With offices located in Al Khobar, the conglomerate has significant interests in mining, logistics, oil and gas, manufacturing, information technology, foodstuffs, retail and many other sectors
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The Sawiris family members are famous in the region both for their wealth and their business acumen. Their estimated wealth is $4.2bn (rise of 18.3% over last year)