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The 2008 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) opened on 7th January at the Las Vegas Convention. CES is the world's largest annual consumer technology tradeshow, featuring 2,700 exhibitors and attracting 140,000 attendees. The show runs until 10th January.
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Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates plays Guitar Hero as Slash from Guns n Roses plays a real guitar during Gates pre-show keynote address.
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Oregon Scientific’s ATC 2K Action Cam is a flash memory video recorder with two gigabytes of memory and comes with straps and a handlebar mount allowing it to be mounted virtually anywhere.
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A Vestalife Ladybug iPod speaker dock, featuring speaker \'wings\' that flip out, a built-in sub-woofer and a digital amplifier.
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Samsung\'s Helio Mysto slider phone, which will be available early this year, has a GPS locator, a two megapixel camera, and full Internet html browser capability.
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The Atlantic EGO Icebar 2 is displayed floating in water This waterproof sound case for the iPod Nano floats and has waterproof speakers and membranes enabling customers to use their Nanos in the shower or in a pool.
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The SK 4000 motorcycle kit is Bluetooth enabled, allowing motorcyclists to enjoy streaming music and make phone calls. It also includes a handlebar-mounted remote control.
Global News in Pictures 3rd - 9th Jan

Global News in Pictures 3rd - 9th Jan

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