Consumer Electronics Show (CES) - Gallery 2

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Toshihiro Sakamoto, President of Panasonic AVC Networks Company unveils a prototype 150-inch plasma TV, that will be 6 feet tall by 11 feet wide. The TV will be available some time in 2009. (GETTY)
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Attendees pose for photos in front of a large model of the Bumblebee character from the movie \'Transformers\' at the Dolby booth. (GETTY)
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Myvu personal media viewers provide a hands-free private viewing experience, by connecting the Myvu viewer to any video iPod, portable DVD player or MP4 player. (GETTY)
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The 3M mobile projection engine, housed in a mobile phone-type shell, projects a video on a wall. The 3M mobile projection engine can be installed in mobile phones, laptop computer or other devices to project still images or videos. (GETTY)
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A Honda Civic customized by Cliff Designs, with a 37” plasma television in the hatchback compartment and smaller video displays in the doors and on the dashboard. (GETTY)
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Sony Corp\'s new 11-inch Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) television is on show.
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The Sony OLED TV display only 3mm (0.12 inches) thick. Units are expected to be available in limited quantities later in the year. (GETTY)
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Shaylene Bernien holds up a 1.5\' digital picture key chain made by Coby. (GETTY)
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A pair of WowWee Rovio WiFi robots on show. WowWee describes the Rovio as a WiFi-enabled webcam on wheels that can be controlled from anywhere by any device with a web browser. You can stream audio and video from the Rovio and send it back to its dock to be recharged at anytime. (GETTY)
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A battery with a dropper containing orange juice by Japanese company NoPoPo. The batteries are powered by a drop of any liquid including water, alcohol and saliva and do not contain any substances considered harmful to the environment. (GETTY)
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The MotoROKR U9 mobile phone and music player. The MotoROKR U9, which has up to 4 GB of storage, has music information display and touch sensitive music player controls on the outside shell of the phone. (GETTY)
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