Daredevil window cleaners tackle Qatar’s skyscrapers

Nepalese workers abseil hundreds of feet above the ground to clean Doha's tallest towers
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Window washers from Nepal abseiled down the facades of Doha's biggest skyscrapers on Sunday, in an attempt to get them super clean. (Getty Images)
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The dare devils took on Qatar's highest and most complex engineering feats strapped in only with harnesses. (Getty Images)
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One of their biggest challenges was the 52-storey Tornado Tower in West Bay, with its curved facade that is by no means easy to clean. The tower, built by Munich-based SIAT Architekten is one of Doha's main urban landmarks. (Getty Images)
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Shooting up and down the towers in groups, recognisable from their bright yellow suits, the Nepalese workers showed no fear, despite going as high as 200 metres. (Getty Images)
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The window washers returned to ground, only to face their next tall challenge further along the bay. (Getty Images)
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Next on the list was the 172m Woqod Tower, completed earlier this year and designed by architects Romatre Project. Workers clung on as they worked their way around the iconic building. (Getty Images)
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Other office towers also had to be cleaned thoroughly, to maintain the city's glitzy appeal. The Gulf state's capital is home to an array of tall and strangely designed buildings, and is currently witnessing a skyscraper construction boom. (Getty Images)
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Looking ahead to the FIFA 2022 World Cup, Doha is set to build many more tall engineering feats. (Getty Images)
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Similar maintenance work on towers has been carried out in Dubai. In September last year, window cleaners abseiled down the emirate's Burj Khalifa building, the world's tallest tower. (AFP/Getty Images)
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With the tower soaring 828 metres into the sky, the cleaning job left no room for the faint hearted or those suffering from vertigo. (AFP/Getty Images)